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Known Issues (2)

Here’s a list of known issues that have been reported and verified, and therefore are already on the TODO list. Please report any issues as posts in the Issues forum. 21:9 resolution is not supported Currently using …

About the Issues category (2)
Confirmed: username disappears from listeners list after 20 minutes of inactivity (8)
Login error (Forbidden 403) (4)
Confirmed: Unable to delete event (2)
Unable to update event pic (5)
Event creation fails (3)
Rekordbox playlist upload failed (2)
Problem logging in with Google Chrome with Facebook (6)
DJ profile data loading failed. (E96) (2)
Fixed: Event creation, fields resetting (Issue #141) (3)
Fixed: Some Facebook pages not accepted in artist profile (6)
Multiple issues: creating scheduled event, ending event (2)
Request System Collection File Size (8)
Fixed: Private event shows as public and stored under Archived events (Issue #174) (4)
Invalid: Sheriff rights (4)
Solved: Prvate message problem (2)
Solved: Login error (2)
Invalid: Automatic redirect from the wait screen to the event? (2)
Solved: Upload event pic doesnt do anything (8)
Confirmed: pressing arrow keys on chat switches listeners/follow tab (2)
Fixed: Login Password Issue (4)
Confirmed: Changed nickname might cause issues (Issue #175) (6)
Wontfix: Current layout doesn't support ultra-widescreen well (7)