Ending event takes DJ to "Oh noes! Server Error!" -page


One issue noted today and yesterday evening. Couple of DJs informed me that they got forwarded to “Oh noes! Server Error!” -page after ending event.

Event forwarding works for listeners, but this pops up for DJ when they were ending the event:

I’ve got that message couple of times also.

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Seems like it is everyone’s problem now. I got it also last night.

Thanks for the report. These 500-errors are the most serious errors we can have as it basically means that the whole app has crashed. Luckily in that case we get an automatic error stack collected so it should help finding and fixing the issue. Opened ticket #525 for following this.

Will try to fix it fast, probably tomorrow.


I’ve had this several times. Usually on a PC that runs quite slowly and has dodgy WiFi connection. If I retry on a better PC it doesn’t happen.

I also encountered this error multiple times yesterday; I will find the specific instances and logs!

Sorry with the slow response on this one. Didn’t find the issue immediately and then forgot about it when I left for a short vacation.

This issue is fixed now, thanks @oxy and everyone from the reports :+1: