Login behavior

Whenever I login, I get asked to complete my profile. However, all required fields are filled in. Only real name is missing.

As such, I have never once logged in and been directed to the list of live shows. I just click to go to the home page, but I wonder if new users might encounter confusion.

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This is definitely a bug – thanks for reporting it! I filed this as issue #528, I’ll report back here when I get a chance to take a look.

Based on the screenshot, I’m thinking there’s some other issue with your profile that is not shown in the user UI, but not sure what that could be. The redirect logic is there for 1) new users who don’t have profile set and are trying to do something on the site before creating it, and 2) old users who haven’t set some required values in the profile and some feature that needs it crashes.

I’m currently working on the next gen login page (that we could add straight to the live page as well so new users could register and login right there), this will be helpful for adding better tests to the new code as well :+1:

Update on this, I hope to get a fix to this and a few other issues online next week :+1:

I didn’t find any clear bug or issue here but I did clean your profile so it doesn’t give out any errors. I tested this with the new code that was pushed to production today and at least on the testing environment your profile works normally now. Sorry about the inconvenience!

If you still encounter any funny business regarding logins, please pm me with a very detailed account of what exactly happened, in which URL, when, and what you were expecting to happen instead. Do include details of the browser and operating system, plus screenshots if possible/applicable. Thanks :+1:

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