Known Issues

Here’s a list of known issues that have been reported and verified, and therefore are already on the TODO list. Please report any issues as posts in the Issues forum.

  • 21:9 resolution is not supported
    Currently using a 21:9 resolution will make the YouTube embed too large.
    Workaround: If it’s really bothering to scroll, make your window narrower
  • Beta 21 changed the way online listeners are calculated and shown, and it broke the registered listener view. This has been addressed with versions 0.21.1, 0.21.2 and 0.21.3 but there are still some edge cases that are being investigated. A full fix for this will come with next beta as we rebuild the whole live page.

We maintain a list of open bug reports and other tickets in our ticketing system at GitLab ( ) The repository is open for all community members who want to help and we are in process to opening it fully to public.