Problems getting new listeners to register or problems with registering

I’ve had some reports of listeners having problems with registering so wanted to know if I could test the system out with trying to register with some different email accounts, wanted to check first as these accounts will need to be deleted after or archived.

Trying to get people to try again once they’ve failed once is more difficult and getting them to explain what has happened is more difficult still, is there a log of failed registrations or anyway of getting to the bottom of this?

The other thing is trying to get people to register when they click on link to upcoming show, does it automatically ask them to register or is it left up to them to find the register button and is this the same with a live show?

Happy to try and streamline this system and test.

On last Fridays show I had I think about 5 lurkers at the start who didn’t then register, they may not have done so anyway but wondered if can we make it easier for people to register?

Sure, you can test the registering system, there’s no harm in it. Just don’t add any non-functioning / onetime emails in any email list or subscribe to newsletters and such as emailing 1) costs real money and 2) non-delivered mails and email wrongly identified as spam greatly hamper our ability to send legitimate emails for example to users requesting a password reset.

This kind of testing is all positive and any feedback and possible found bugs help tremendously in making things smoother overall! :+1:

Well, any serious server errors such as broken database transactions or 500-errors due to bugs in code or badly handled malicious input from the user are automatically logged but there is no easy way to identify a “this person tried to register but encountered an error”.

We also have a ton of live metrics of all kinds of positive and negative things such as new registrations, logins, logouts etc and monitoring that goes of if any of those metrics cross a predefined threshold. So things like “oh, the registering hasn’t been working since out last weeks production update” cannot happen by mistake.

I think signing in with Facebook doesn’t work at the moment due to recent changes in Facebook API rules. (That you can test by unlinking your Facebook account from your listener profile and trying to create an account via Facebook login.) Instead of fixing it, we will be removing it as Facebook has turned into a really shady and unfriendly place and we don’t want to help them violating peoples privacy. Removing the link is, however, not easy as we still have many users who don’t have an alternative login set.

But, ability to register with Facebook will be removed in our next release. We’ll be adding Sign In with Apple alongside the Google-login as well so people wanting to register via a third-party account can have a choice between two proper alternatives.

You can test what a non-registered user sees by visiting any page or a live show using a fresh private browser window. We don’t actively try to push people into registering anywhere else but on the live show page mainly because the process is still a bit rocky.

But adding a register button to the upcoming event show page, for example, would not be a bad idea. (And it’s very easy to do.) I’ll add this to the very next update.

I definitely see the issue and this is high on the TODO-list. Until very recently when we made our authentication update we didn’t have a technical way to offer a smoother registering workflow. Now we do, and the idea is to allow normal users to register account without verifying email address and without leaving the live page at all. So basically you can just fill in the obligatory fields (email, password, username) and click register, and you’re in. No need to leave the live page or do anything too hard.

The new login process is a part of much larger task of moving everything on top of our new infrastructure but we’ll implement the registering and logging in via live page as a small step independently of the other tasks some point in the next 2-4 weeks.

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I actually talked with @FidgetStudios about this very thing a couple of weeks back and one thing that came up was that getting people to even consider registering (or worse, clicking a link that takes them out from Facebook) is hard. I think this is something we all need to fight and work with our listeners as Web users and DJs.

The Web is amazing place where literally everything is only one click away. Yet, somehow the big social media sites has rotten our brains to think that that one click is somehow hard or not worth doing. We should fight for the Web and the amazing and wonderful creative places there are.

There is a lot of unbelievably cool and creative and wonderful content out there – here – on the Web. As DJs we already curate the world of music to our listeners, and as streaming DJs I believe our mission is extended to do that fow Web and streaming content as well. So let’s do this together, and find and create more great content for everyone to find and enjoy :slight_smile:

PS. Backstage is here for this very reason: it’s an alternative and friendly place to communicate about pretty much everything, outside of the big spying social media walled gardens :slight_smile:


thanks for replying, it sounds like it would be good to leave any testing until the next update if it is going to be easier to log in.

Totally agree with this, once people get onboard they seem to stick but it’s a task to get them onboard to start with and if there are any hiccups along the way people seem ready to give up.
An ongoing battle that will hopefully get easier once the log in is streamlined.