Cancelled event still in DJ Admin page


I cancelled my event last Saturday and event disappeared from my DJ admin page. Now anyways it cam back to my admin page in upcoming events and I cannot remove it at all:

When I try to edit or start the event it will just jam on the loading screen. Have tried with three different browsers, different platforms, F5 trick, but nothing helps:

This same issue was shown week earlier with Bear With Us account when we tried to remove planned test event and only way to get rid of it was removing caches from the server by Uninen. Now I believe this is a bug because it popped up again.

Seems like deleted event disappears when you create new one. But now there is a new ghost event. Not a big problem, but bug anyways.

This is probably a browser cache issue that usually resolves with a manual full page refresh. Haven’t been able to reproduce this yet but I’ll take a look at it again.

No, it did not disappear by refreshing and I was able to see it with multiple devices. Only way was create a new event. To be honest, I haven’t seen this happened since I posted this topic, so not sure what could cause it.

Can be reproduced by making multiple upcoming events, modifying and deleting them, in 1 case out of 2 to 3, deleted event stays at dj-admin page, but dissapears from slipmat frontpage. Also event keeps on showing on multiple devices.