FIXED: Cannot stream with Frankie even I have paid subscription

When I try to stream with OBS by using Frankie keys and rtmp server copied from my DJ Admin page I get following error message:

Third party servers works perfectly on my OBS without any issues. Problems only with adresses and keys. This has been known already at Saturday and still same issue and I have heard that I’m not the only one who is struggling with this issue.

EDIT: I tested with BWU Helsinki account with same computer and it’s stream key is working like should. My key is broken.

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My keys don’t work either.

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Got same here. My keys stopped working too.

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This issue is probably due to recent changes in allowing inactive keys. I’ll push a hotfix today (due in few hours) that adds a better display of your subscription status and fixes the logic that allows all created keys to stream.

If you don’t have an active subscription but want to support Slipmat, you can subscribe here: (If you support the community in other ways, feel free to use Frankie Pro for free with a good conscience!)

All Frankie Pro keys are currently allowed to stream without limitations so if you don’t want to pay for your keys, you don’t need to. We’ll keep the support optional until the promised features are online.

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So slipmat is expecting that you have active subscription all the time, even you have sponsored subscription?

Sponsored subscription is an active subscription as well, it just doesn’t automatically renew. There are quite a few different possible subscription statuses:

  • active, renewing via PayPal
  • active, renewing using past tips
  • active, not renewing (gifted / sponsored or per-event-keys)
  • inactive (gifted but expired, not ever purchased, purchased but cancelled, purchased but suspended due to payment error)
  • trial active
  • trial ended

all but the last one (ended trial) are valid statuses for streaming. Ie. if you have ever purchased or have been gifted a subscription, not depending if it’s active or not, you are able to stream with Frankie. Expired trial keys will not work with Frankie.

The upcoming update will add better information of the current status of your keys, clear information on how to purchase and cancel a subscription as well as an option to switch to past tips as a payment method for an active subscription. The subscription statuses are now shown on the homepage and live page as well.

It’s 100% my fault this all became such a dumpster fire. We hurried the whole subscription thing online and while it allowed DJs to support and stream, it might have been smarter to actually polish the thing before pushing to production. Oh well, hindsight 20/20…

Well I have had subscription and now it has been sponsored since last Saturday, but I was still not able to use the keys.

Hopefully new update makes everything crystal clear, because I cannot understand what was wrong with my keys.

There was a bug, which is fixed as of two minutes ago :slight_smile:

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