Upcoming show date displaying incorrectly

The new format for displaying the time of an upcoming show is very cool - I like that it shows the time in so many different timezones! However, it’s showing an incorrect date for my next event, despite my having set the date correctly in the Edit Event view.

My event is scheduled to be on 30 October 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Central US time (my local time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) - but the date displaying on the public page is 10 October 2020 at 6:00 p.m. Central US time.

My event’s public page: https://slipmat.io/phoole/332/
My Edit Event view: https://slipmat.io/dj/events/f86f8515-6b90-41bc-98bd-b5775480c90f/edit/

Good catch, thank you! The times were actually all right, the timezone displayed was just wrong; in the picture it shows clearly that your local timezone is CDT (Central Daylight Time) and the list shows CST (Central Standard Time). Didn’t bother to look these up when I added more zones to the list so of course I fucked up…

I changed the timezone in the list to match others, and double-checked the displayed times, they do match now. Thanks again for catching this :+1:

It does still show the wrong DATE for me though - it’s showing October >>>10<<< instead of October 30.

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same here for my event wrong date, is it showing the month rather than day?


It indeed was. Thanks again for catching this and for the help! :+1: It’s fixed now.