Slipmat Streaming Engine streaming keys now available

I’m happy to announce that after months of hard work, our native streaming engine is now ready for more broader public testing. To put it simply: this is a way to stream on Slipmat with excellent audio quality and without any third party, just using native RTMP keys from Slipmat. (Read more about differences between available engines.) Native streams work well with mobile devices and work also with the experimental mobile app.

Some limitations of current implementation:

  • We currently allow only two concurrent streams because logging and bug hunting is exponentially mode difficult when the number of processes grow.
  • There is a time limitation of 4 hours for native streams. This is again partly because of logging but also so that more DJs could test the engine.
  • Only DJs who are willing to provide lots of feedback and bug reports are welcome. If you aren’t interested in putting your time into the testing and helping with the development, don’t apply for the keys just yet so you won’t waste your own or our time for unproductive testing. Don’t worry, we’ll open the engine for everyone when it’s ready.

If you are interested in helping with testing the new engine, and understand above limitations, make sure you have a Certified -badge and comment down below with a mention that you have read and complied with these instructions. We’ll add you to a special group here on Backstage with further instructions.


I don’t know if I am knowledgeable enough, but I could be one of the testperson…

I am also interested to test new native streaming engine. :+1:

I’m not sure if I tried it yesterday but due to laptop crash I was unable to end the stream as it should’ve done. I’d like to give it a try until I get my laptop working as a streaming platform. Though I may need a secondary laptop for comments and viewing the stream.

Thanks for your interest, guys! Please take a look First Steps at Backstage and get yourself a Certified -badge so I can test a new automation script for adding you in. (Just read the linked instructions, send private message to Discobot and follow up until you get the certification.) After getting the badge, you should be added to the new group automatically in few hours. You’ll then see the group here on Backstage homepage and will find further instructions there.

If you know your way around Slipmat, that’s good enough. The Backstage certification badge is precisely for this reason also; it’s good for DJs to know the basics of the tooling we have here.

I’ll be pushing a new update on the site later today which will enable new streaming features so all should be ready for weekend of testing! :slight_smile:

Your event was running fr over 5 hours before it was automatically closed. Please make sure in the future that if your laptop crashes, come back to Slipmat, go to the running event and/or your DJ profile and make sure your event is correctly closed. If you don’t have access to a computer, all this can be done with a mobile device also.

Happy to be a tester too if possible

You’re welcome! Read the instructions and after you get your badge, the script will pop you in :slight_smile:

Would love to join the test effort!

I’m propably returning to a desktop + laptop setup before I get my standalone gear bought. Laptop can’t handle the stress doing everything at once.

Though I still want to use those keys if possible :smiley:

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

would love to test, too

Again, please read – and understand – instructions above (on the original message) if you want to join as a tester :slight_smile:

Have the needed qualification and would be eager to test the engine.

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Just a quick reminder for those who want in; 1) read the instructions (from the first post) and 2) post here when you’re ready to join. If the bot doesn’t pick you to the group, you probably didn’t read the instructions…

The testing has started great so far but we could use more volume (pun intended) :slight_smile:

i would like to test please

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Hey @uninen - Can you add me to the testers list for native streaming?

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I wanna badge! :slight_smile:

Would love to take part in the alpha

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Hey! glad to be here, always looking for more places to expand live sets to. I’d love to help test alpha direct streaming on your service. I am experienced with streaming audio (via shoutcast/icecast), audio video (via OBS) and direct software connection (Traktor).

thanks again for accepting me!

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