Slipmat Beta 24 Released

I’m happy to announce yet another new release of the greatest DJ platform on the planet! :slight_smile:

This release is focused on DJs and admins. We are now nearing feature-completion of the necessary basic features for public beta. (We were supposed to launch months ago but there always seem to be some more thing to do before…) There were tons of work under the hood to make these two things possible;

we now have a new experimental mobile Web app for native live events. This mobile client is much lighter than the current live page and fully optimized for very small screens. The aim is to get feedback and experiences from this and then eventually build native mobile clients for both Android and iOS.

second big news is that the Slipmat Streaming Engine is now available for testing for selected DJs. We’ve been testing the engine with a handful of DJs since January and our experiences have been very positive. We’ve now tightened the integration and opened it up for selected DJs who are willing to give their own time to help with testing. If you are interested, read more and apply! If you don’t want to use your time for testing, don’t worry, we’ll open this up for all DJs after this phase.

Our community keeps growing and we’ve had lots of new DJs participating as well, I’d like to say again Big Thank You for everyone in the community for the help and participation. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

- VS // DJ Uninen

Full Changelog

  • New: native Slipmat Streaming Engine is now available for selected DJs for public testing. If you are an active DJ and willing to put some of your own time and effort in testing the new engine, read the instructions, get the Certified-badge and apply for the keys.

  • New: DJs are now redirected to a feedback form after ending an event. We had this feature at Mixify back in the good old days and it worked quite well. All feedback is appreciated and we want to make giving it as easy as possible :slight_smile:

  • New: this is a big one! We’ve added a new experimental mobile Web application. It works only for native RTMP events and is shown only for phone-sized clients. At the moment this is purely experimental, we hope to get some ideas and feedback from early users to be able to evolve this into an actual native mobile app for the site. Again, feedback and ideas are very welcome!

  • Enhancement: late starting events are now automatically closed.

  • Enhancement: added Facebook sharing button to live event page and detection for new shares for chat. DJs can now gamify Facebook shares!

  • Enhancement: inactive DJs are no longer visible on the Artists-page. Individual artist profiles work normally for inactive DJs too, but we no longer promote artists who are not active part of the community. There’s also now more automation to mark profiles as inactive. This helps us to keep our site statistics clean and truthful, and we can also invite more active DJs to join in.

  • Enhancement: we’ve built and evolved many admin tools;

    • invite controls have been fully rewritten and they work on mobile, too
    • better tools for managing users, DJs and events, again also for mobile
    • better logging of various events around the site and a new penalty point system to help with discouraging bad and rewarding good behaviour. (This is only partly implemented yet and we’ll document it properly when it’s fully deployed.)
    • better and more often updated statistics
  • Bugfix: playlist uploads were failing for Rekordbox playlists that were missing “BPM”-field. Upload now works for these but BPM is saved as 0. Thanks to @satai for bug report.