Slipmat video engines and event video URLs

On Slipmat you can choose from several different video platforms for your events. If you want, you can even host your own streaming engine to get exactly the quality end features you want. Here’s a short list of currently supported engines and respective URLs that you can use.

When setting up your event, make sure the event URL looks like the examples provided here. You can also use these example URLs for testing: mark your test event as private and use one of the URLs (marked as working) below.

Note: do not confuse video URL (which is the URL of the public video) and encoder ingest URL (which usually starts with rtmp:// or rtmps://), the latter is for your streaming software.

Frankie - Slipmat Native Video Encoder

Pros: superb sound quality, fully optimized for audio and for Slipmat use. Works with screen locked on mobile clients. Allows automatic recordings and other integrated functionality. Fully integrated to Slipmat and no need for any third party account. As a subscriber you also get lots of additional features.
Cons: it’s a professional-grade encoder that costs money
Video URL: must start with
Example URL (does NOT work for testing, use your own private URL instead):

See Setting Up Frankie - the Slipmat Native Video Encoder


Pros: hands down the best video platform on the planet that allows you to stream in 4K while still encoding the video real time for 144p small screens.
Cons: very aggressive ContentID technology that might flag your video and even cut the live stream if you don’t have pre-cleared copyright status for your channel. YouTube videos also aren’t optimized for audio and don’t work for mobile clients with screen locked. You are also splitting your audience between two platforms so the user experience is worse than optimal.
Video URL: must start with
Example URL:

See Configuring OBS for Slipmat & YouTube

Third-party RTMP Video Service

Note: if you don’t know what the title means, this method isn’t for you.

You can use any third-party video service that supports secure HLS video and correct CORS headers that allow embedding the video to Slipmat event page. You can even run your own server!

Pros: you have total freedom to use whatever provider you choose. You can even host the server yourself if you want to (and know how). If configured correctly, may work well with mobile clients.
Cons: in order to work well, settings need to be correct and the server must be properly maintained. Good free third party servers don’t really exist, you need to build and maintain it yourself.
Video URL: must start with https:// and end with .m3u8
Example URL:


This document previously mentioned Chew as one of the options. Now that Chew is shutting down, I’ve removed that from the examples.

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