Slipmat Features

This is an incomplete list of Slipmat features. We’d like to document most if not all of these before they can be called “stable”. This list is mostly for DJs to get an idea what’s possible with the platform.

User Profiles

User profiles, aka Listener Profiles represent all the people in our community. Listeners can

  • Define local timezone to see all times on the site localized for that timezone
  • Fan a DJ
  • Connect Google and/or Facebook account to allow third-party login
  • Subscribe to event notifications via email and/or native push notifications
  • In progress: we are adding maps based on user location to visualize both the community and event listeners on a map.
  • In progress: we’re currently working on supporter-only content-system that allows DJs to post status updates and other content just for their supporters.
  • Planned: better community pages and public profiles for each member
  • Planned: gamify “Karma-points” earned from various activities across the site

DJ Profiles

DJs have Artist Profiles which are separate from listener profiles so that they can have lots of specific functionality and their own branding.

  • Public profile pages (fully search engine indexed) (Example)
  • Linked social media accounts for gathering and analyzing detailed statistics
  • Booking details so listeners can easily book you straight from the live event page or your Slipmat profile page
  • Default event image and video URL to be used with event creation
  • DJs can upload playlist file from DJ software (Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox) to be used as a collection with the Request System (Documentation)
  • Detailed event archive pages that show the growth of your fanbase (based both on Slipmat and other social media statistics)
  • Planned: in the future a person can belong to several artist profiles just like a person can belong to several bands
  • Planned: a tool for creating several events with several artists (ie. “festival planner”)

Scheduled Events


Live Events

  • Ability to stream with multiple different options - choose best for you (Documentation)
  • Automatic social media following/gamification (notifications to chat for every new follower, like, event share etc)
  • HYPE-button for listeners to show appreciation for the DJ
  • Full-featured Request System with integration to your DJ software (Documentation)
  • Feedback-system
  • Easy to use Tipping system
  • Bulletin-tab to add any kind of content (also HTML) in your event that shows up as one extra tab under the video. Perfect for special campaigns, collecting emails, or any other news you want to share with your listeners.
  • Standalone chat window to open on a separate tablet or mobile
  • Standalone TV-mode to use with TVs or projectors
  • Detailed statistics about listeners (currently online, most seen, all seen) Planned: minute statistics
  • Video overlays to use with OBS or any other streamer
    • Event chat
    • Event supporters
    • Tip target
  • Planned: ticketed events
  • Planned: AI-powered live captioning (and translation!) of DJs commentary during live events

Archived Events

  • Embedded set list
  • Embedded recording
  • Very comprehensive statistics (including number of total listeners, number of max listeners, number of pageloads, amount of requests made/played, amount of tips given, amount of tippers, new registered users / new fans, number of chat messages, event length, number of social media likes / new followers / shares, etc. etc.)
  • Planned: AI-powered natural language analysis of event chat logs to get an overview of how much listeners liked the show, and to combine this with uploaded track list (history file from DJ software) to gain deeper understanding of which tracks listeners liked


  • Automatic expansion of links
  • Automatic inlining of linked images
  • Automatic rich embeds for various sites
  • Tab-completion for nicks (type a couple of first characters, then press TAB to cycle full nicks)
  • Private conversations
  • Crowd controls (op, deop, mute, unmute)
    • Ops automatically carry on for future events
  • /me -functionality, borrowed from IRC
  • /whois command, also borrowed from IRC
  • Planned: enable 24/7/365 site-wide chat channels for the community to hang between events (currently we’re on Discord which is a third-party system and therefore not ideal)

Native iOS Client (experimental), Android planned

  • Proper background play
  • AirPlay to AppleTV or any compatible device
  • Planned: native notifications

Main Site

  • Tag pages for browsing/finding content and for search engine discoverability
  • Standalone Playlist Converter -tool for publishing your setlists on social media or your blog etc
  • Planned: better tag pages with topical news, recordings, DJ-profiles etc.


  • Universal date/time tool for easily sharing a specific date with timezone info
  • Free private sub-forums for any DJ