Setting Up Frankie - the Slipmat Native Video Encoder

Slipmat Native Video Encoder – nicknamed Frankie – is a RTMP streaming server that allows you to stream natively on Slipmat using OBS or any other broadcasting software. Here is the basic information for setting it up.

Getting Started

  1. Go to your DJ Admin, find new “Streaming Keys”
  2. Generate your first keys
  3. Set up your streaming software according to the official howto
  4. Copy the Event video URL from the Streaming Keys page and put that into your event form as Video URL
  5. Profit!11

Limitations and tips

  1. The trial server is currently limited to 5 simultaneous native Slipmat streams. So if there are 5 events (that use this server) live, it will not accept your connection. (This limit does not affect pro users or users in the beta group.) To be perfectly clear: there may be unlimited number of third-party streams live at any given time, this limit only affects streams powered by Frankie.
  2. Note that the server monitors what you send to it. If you use wrong settings, your stream may be automatically dropped. All automatic drops are recorded and repeated offenders will be banned so please make sure your settings are 100% correct.
  3. Set default video URL and default event image in your DJ profile to make event creation smoother. You can always change things when you need to, but if you have defaults set, your normal workflow gets way faster and easier.
  4. Spin test events to get to know the workflow. Mark your test events as private so they won’t show up anywhere and spoil your statistics. Do not play public test events. Test events are a great way to make sure everything works before you start an actual show for your fans. You can test different settings and share the event link to friends (or here with this group!) to get feedback and help. There is no magic in the private events, you can share the link as much as you like.
  5. For most of you this is not needed, but if you want to have a better understanding of the streaming process and learn how to maximise your stream quality and master the whole process in general, read the Slipmat Native Video Encoder In Depth Guide.


Slipmat is all about the community and having fun. Remember to have fun and also please report all issues and problems you encounter so we can fix them! :slight_smile:

Happy Streaming!

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