How to get invited in less than 5 minutes

Watching newcomers struggle with the invitation process is painful as we’ve put so much work in documenting it and making it more automated and smoother. Still, when you’re in a hurry, reading docs is rarely a priority and you end up in the bottom of the very, very long queue.

So, in yet another attempt to try to help, here’s a short version of all of the included things new DJs need to comprehend:

Life in the fast lane

Let’s say your name is Tim Cook, and your artist name is DJ Apple.

  1. When you create your listener profile, put in Tim Cook and select a username that is not DJ Apple. People call you little Tim, so let’s use that as you use it everywhere online already for personal stuff. You put in username as littletim, real name as Tim Cook. (Note: no mention of DJ Apple anywhere!)
  2. Log in to Backstage. (This forum that you’re currently reading.) Your data gets synced from your user profile, so now you have your listener profile as littletim, and a Backstage profile littletim. You notice a bot messaging you. Complete the tutorial, it will teach you to use Backstage and also give you some Karma. (Note: your Backstage profile doesn’t have any mentions of DJ Apple either!)
  3. Join a live event from Slipmat homepage (which is different than Backstage) or the #invite channel in our community chat and find a DJ mentor there. (Do NOT harras the playing DJ, they are there playing and not supporting your newbie ass!) Send them a message with a link to your invitation status page which now doesn’t have any portions in red. (If something is still red, please read the full page, it explains everything.)
  4. The mentor checks out your profile and as its data is good they will immediately endorse your invitation and start teaching you first things to get spinning.
  5. Within few minutes (it can take up to couple of hours) you’ll get an invitation email. When you now follow the link to your user profile (littletim) it has a button for creating your DJ profile. Yay! Now put in your DJ details: your DJ name is DJ Apple, your Facebook page, your DJ bio, promo photo and all that good stuff. Voila. You now have a listener profile and a DJ profile. After this you can edit them as much as you like, as long as you remember to keep them separated. (No mentions of DJ apple in your listener profile.) Your mentor will help you getting started from there.

This whole process can easily be done in less than 5 minutes.

If you fuck up the very first step by using your DJ name, everything else gets fucked as well and you need to unfuck those things before getting an invite.

There’s lots and lots of documentation, reading it really helps.

Important tidbits