For Slipmat DJs: how to invite your mates to play on Slipmat

The process is super simple but let’s put it here in writing as well!

The Short Version

  1. Ask your mate to read and follow How to start streaming in less than 5 minutes
  2. When they get to point 4, ask them for their unique status page URL (explained above)
  3. Go to that page and click the big “I endorse this DJ”-button. You’re done!


The invitation process evolves all the time and may be different to what you went through so it’s always advisable to start with reading the docs. The steps are super simple and the new invitation status page gives detailed information on how to fix possible errors. The whole process can be done well within 15 minutes.

Your mate needs to actually read the basic info here on Backstage for the invitation phases to turn from red to green. Backstage software calculates the time users spend on the site and the minimum time spent reading the docs is measured by the average read time of the basic docs. So if you don’t want to get stuck unnecessarily, just make sure that your mate actually reads and follows the very simple documentation.

Every step along the way is detailed and clearly shown on the invitation status page. This page also has the big blue button you can click to invite your mate. See your own status page here:

(Your own page loads whenever there are no email parameter in the end of the URL. When you want to see your mates status, you need the full URL which has the email as well, your mate needs to paste it to you from his page.)

If you have any questions, post them here or find a mentor from the community chat over at Discord! :slight_smile:

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