DJ Recommendations

This topic is for DJ invitation process.

Please do not post anything other than invitation suggestions

What and how to post

Before posting

  1. Make sure the person in question has followed BOTH of the two simple requirements:
    1. they need to have a civilian user profile that does not have any DJ references or DJ names but instead filled out like a personal profile.
    2. the email they registered needs to be in our beta mailinglist. Please ask the person to forward you the welcome email from the list to make sure the email is correct. (If it’s not the same as in their profile, Slipmat system cannot match it. It must be correct.)
  2. Double-check that above requirements are met. If you recommend badly formed profiles, your privileges will be removed. This process is for making things easier, do not make them harder.

Understand that by recommending someone, You are responsible for helping out this DJ to get started on Slipmat. Do not recommend anyone if you’re not willing to help them. Also do not recommend anyone you haven’t personally vetted.

What to post

Just post the Slipmat username of the DJ you want to recommend to be invited in Slipmat with a short argument why they would be a good fit here.

What happens then

If the user profile is good and the email is good, they will get an invite really soon. You are then responsible for helping this new DJ to create their DJ profile and spin their first sets.

If the user profile has a DJ name or is otherwise malformed (wrong email in the list etc) the post will be deleted and you will be banned from recommending any more DJs.

Do not

  • please do not add any comments or other posts here as this topic is followed by a machine
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Recommending @danacat as a DJ. She has long experience playing live at Kaaosradio and live events

Finally got the invite-email problem fixed, this invitation has been sent ^ :slight_smile:

Recommending @Kihlstroem as a DJ.

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As we now have a new New DJ invitation process (2020) there’s no need for this topic anymore.

In short, as long as the invitation status page displays a real personal profile and not DJ-details, and other details are good as well, just endorse the application (endorsement button is available when all of the fields that can be checked by a computer are checked and ok) and the invitation will be sent immediately. The mentors have detailed instructions on what happens next.

Again, here’s a short walkthrough what a good application looks like: How to get invited in less than 5 minutes

We had a huge amount of events running here yesterday, I hope we do today as well and I intent to be there in the chat to help with all and any questions as well! :slight_smile:

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