Beta 21 Release Notes

Happy 2019 Slipmatians! :slight_smile: We start the new year in a best possible way; with a new release focused on a huge new feature and bugfixes.

The big news is that we are now testing a native self-hosted streaming engine. Our previous endeavours with native RTMP streaming were quite short lived but this time we’ve created an innovative solution that combines state-of-the-art technology with the power of open community.

The idea is simple but powerful: we will offer a simple ready-built solution for video transcoder that anyone can host. This means that DJs can choose whether they want to base their streams on YouTube, on Slipmat run servers or any other server that runs the free transcoder engine provided by Slipmat community. If you have the skills, you can run your own transcoding server and you can offer it to others, too!

The new streaming engine starts with alpha testing for selected DJs. After some initial testing we will enable the feature for all Slipmat DJs and also release the initial open source version of the streaming server. At the moment our development pace is very limited so there is no clear timetable for the next releases. We’ll release things when they are ready.

We’re actively looking for community help. Slipmat is fully community-driven project. If you are able to help in any form (for example with offering support for DJs and/or listeners, participating on social media, or by writing documentation or coding the site itself) please join in and help!

And like always, lastly huge thanks for everyone who has helped in testing and using the platform for these past months. See you around! :slight_smile:

Full Changelog

  • New feature: There is now a fully native video player option available for selected DJs. This feature is still in alpha state. We’ll soon open this for all DJs but in the meantime, if you want to join in the alpha testing, pm me here at Backstage.

  • New feature: The API we use for all of the functionality is now open for everyone. This is just a first step and things (such as URLs and data formats) will change, but if you are interested in developing some own functionality on top of Slipmat data, you can now explore the data! The API can be found at . Full documentation is coming soon. (#419)

  • Enhancement: The theme background images have been updated for a refreshed winter feel.

  • Bugfix: DJ event list now shows a correct Facebook likes count (#429)

  • Bugfix: Artist page now shows the correct joined date. (#418)

  • Bugfix: Failed image upload no longer prevents event creation (#366)

  • Bugfix: Live page now displays the correct code version and build time (#362)

  • Bugfix: Force closing now works for all Stream Now events (#360)

  • Bugfix: Your own nick now shows in live page active users list (#322)

Thanks you Uninen! :slight_smile: If we had any coding skills we would help you about that… But we Don’t so… We are trying to get new listeners in here… Hope that helps also :smiley:


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It definitely helps — thank you! :slight_smile: