Beta 22 Release Notes

Time for yet another huge update! Since our launch in 2016, Slipmat has lived in sub-optimal conditions but today we’ve completed the move to a completely new servers and architecture (physically hosted in Helsinki, Finland). This move helps us with the launch of native video server and also for finally getting rid of the Beta status :slight_smile:

The testing of the new video platform has started well and we have made few improvements since last update. If you are interested in helping out testing the new system, read the previous release notes and contact me to get started.

As always, we are continuously looking for community help. If you want to make a difference in any way, join us!

And again, big thank you for the community DJs who have been helping with this release by reporting bugs and spinning events :slight_smile:

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Full Changelog

  • Enhancement: Usernames have had a big overhaul. Old username-field has now more strict validation rules and we’ve added display name field so you can choose any display name you like without restrictions. This was a big and long standing issue that resolves many related issues across Slipmat. (#126)

  • Enhancement: Private chat tabs could flood users screen if they didn’t know how to close them. These tabs no longer open up by default. You can still open private chats normally. This is a first iteration of thic change, we’ll make it a bit smarter in future releases.

  • Enhancement: Updated admin stats to show daily stats from past month.

  • Enhancement: Feedback items in DJ admin are now ordered chronologically. (#427)

  • Enhancement: People joining events and first time listeners are now announced in chat. (#450)

  • Enhancement: New spring theme background photos by 贝莉儿 NG and Jakob Owens.

  • Security: We now force you to set a password so you can log in without a third party. (#444)

  • Bugfix: Cropping event and profile photos would sometimes fail silently when cropping near edges. (#199)

  • Bugfix: Links for Beta DJ program were broken. There’s now a Backstage post for explaining the process. (#407)

  • Bugfix: Deleting event now properly clears it from homepage as well. Thanks DJ Satai for the bug report! (#423)

  • Bugfix: Live page session list works now correctly for all users. (#434)

  • Bugfix: Recent events lists no longer show events from inactive/deleted DJs. (#445)

  • Bugfix: Backstage login no longer breaks for new users without user profiles. (#457)

  • Under the hood: We’re now on brand new servers! Expect better performance and better availability in general. (Note that it’s also expected that we’ll keep finding few issues here and there during the first few days after the big move. Hang on there!)

  • Under the hood: Raised maximum upload limit and response time to allow bigger uploads for example to requests and photos on Backstage. We’ll keep monitoring and tweaking this according to feedback from DJs. (#365)

  • Under the hood: Site event logs are now rotated hourly to avoid database growing too large.

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