Announcement: Slipmat Pro Streamer Subscriptions

Happy news, Slipmatians! Slipmat Pro Streamer subscriptions are now available as earlybird-puchases for all DJs. This is our first step for better sustainability and broader services for all DJs.

There is now a Sponsor-button available for each event that allows listeners to support both the DJ and Slipmat.

Most notable details of the this early pre-release:

  • Because the streamer subscriptions are our only way to offset the site running costs, we are currently displaying the new Sponsor-button for all events whose DJ still has no active subscription. Tipping is not available if the artist doesn’t have streamer subscription but the donate-button is visible in any situation. This allows our listeners to support both the DJ and Slipmat if they want to.
  • Currently the only way to purchase subscriptions is via the new Sponsor-button from the live event (old side). So if you want to pre-purchase one yourself, just use the sponsor-button on your own event.
  • The detailed specs of the different tiers are not yet locked in, but you’ll find the tentative plans below.
  • The initial implementation uses only PayPal for payment processing.

Expect pretty fast iterations with smoother experience regarding these features in coming weeks.

Edit: our Slipmat PayPal account is now activated and in use.

Edit: moved plan info to a more permanent place: Frankie Pro Plans. If you want to purchase a plan, find Subscription-link on your DJ dashboard.



so from what i can gather, in order to continue to be able to stream to FRANKIE, i will need to begin a subscription, yes?

After your trial keys expire, yes. The expiration date is shown on your DJ dashboard streaming keys page.

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and the idea is that (hopefully) one of our listeners will gift us with a subscription yeah? i understand now.

please start with this one.
Send my a link to pay or somthing
my paypal account is not the same as my email here.

Please. Read the post above to understand the process.

You indicated “Slipmatians! Slipmat Pro Streamer subscriptions are now available as earlybird-puchases for all DJs”

What is The PayPal Link, usually an email address? Is this the only payment method?

How many months at a time can be purchased?

If we preregister, when does the service actually start for those who preregister?

How do we get the stream URL and keys? Will they be emailed to us or will detailed information be provided on how to access them?

Can private broadcasts be set up?

Will you have a dedicated page with subscription details?

Thanks for building this unique and dedicated community for DJs. I have been very impressed with the technical performance and reliability. I use Streamlabs OBS and a Zoom Q2n-4K camera.

Lot’s of questions there.

You’ll find the button from your live event page as mentioned above.

Earlybird-access is for one month only and it extends 30 days or until April 30 whichever is longer when you buy it during the earlybird period (which ends the day we launch the streamers, currently planned for April 6).

Longer and event-based subscriptions will be available after the launch.

You’ll find them from your DJ dashboard from the same place as before.

Private events have been available for four years already.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


I was bought Pro Streamer subscription last night during my set. I can see it now in my streaming keys page, but keys are still trial keys. Should it be still like this and it will change automatically in next update?

Can I somehow upgrade my subscription to next level when I have already Pro subscription? Or is this also future things?

I will answer for myself. Lazy eyes… :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Copied from streaming keys page
“All trial restrictions are removed from your profile. Frankie Pro encoders are still in development but will be available for you to use soon. Follow Backstage to stay updated!”

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Sure. We’ll have a proper subscription handling page up soon.


Hi guys! I just moved to isolate to a new place and waiting a few days for home internet. So I could return to streams either April 5 or 6. Is April 6 included in the test period?
And mb I just buy the plan before I start next show, I’ll see from my other income sources)

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Sorry @Hermine_S_Crimson for the late reply, yeah, the trial keys continue to work for few hours more, will do the switch at some time today when no scheduled shows are running.

Some other improvements and announcements coming really soon now :slight_smile:

This is why I haven’t scheduled R4R 64 yet :smiley:

okay, I’ll just finish my show on test run before tonight and then I shall see)

Hi Uninen,

I got a show lined up for tomorrow night (7th Apr) how do I pay the subscription, will it be on the DJ Admin section or do I start the show and pay on the live page?

Thanks Buddy!

How can I get a subscription because it not showing my streaming keys all it say is my trial dates has ended and now it won’t let me get subscription

Asking for a friend: Is the Frankie Pro going to be only streaming engine from now on or is there also free Non-Pro version available?

same issue here, just cancelling tonights show as I can subscribe

On my ‘Manage Streaming Keys’ Page it says

Streaming Keys

Subscription: Free trial

Subscription valid until: Apr 14 2020

But when I go to stream it says valid until 06 April, I can’t see any button to subscribe, the link takes me to backstage