Active Slipmat DJ Mentors

If you are a Slipmat DJ who is willing to endorse and mentor new DJs, post a short hello here!

(Please do not post in this thread if you are not a DJ. This is for mentor announcements only)

Tell your DJ name, where you live (timezones are kind of important as Slipmat is a global community!) and any other things you’d like newcomers to know about you. (Maybe for example when you’re usually here, etc.)

Also: if you at any point would like to take a break from mentoring, just come back and delete your post. You can always post another one. We’d like to keep the list as up to date as possible :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m @theaardvark, one of the DJs who streams here on the @FidgetRadio channel. I’m based in the UK and speak English.
I DJ a wide range of dance music along with rock, punk, folk, pop, alt. C&W, etc, etc.
The @FidgetRadio crew broadcast from several location. In each we have a multiple DJ software, multiple camera set up routed through OBS into (often through multistream service).
If I can help anyone get up and running or deal with any problems on Slipmat then drop me a message. :¬)


Hello friends!
@digitizedsoul here - Radio4Ravers show host & producer of deep atmospheric sonic vibes.
I too have a fairly complex broadcasting setup with multitrack audio & several cameras, slates & scenes as well as my proprietary visualizations I do as part of my show.

By day I am a cloud architect and find myself knee deep in web apps like Slipmat all the time in my career. Also spend a lot of personal time in video & transcoding stuff (mostly in AWS, but a lot of ffmpeg stuff at home) so glad to man-splain some of that if needed as well :smiley:

Best way to reach me is to @ me on Discord in the slipmat support channel if you aren’t understanding something.


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Hi I’m marky-j based in the UK play a mixture of house and soul, use traktor s8 and technics 1200 with OBS into slipmat with two logitech cams.

I’m fairly new to this myself but will help where I can.


Hi oxyRTRD here! Ville is my real name. Based in London, UK. Usually here every weekend, now because this Covid19 case I will be here more often. Have been here since site was opened. I’m multilingual, English and Finnish goes!

I will help you people as much as I can.


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Hi, Pedro from Spain.

Happy to help with the 2 different profiles process, and OBS basic set up for streaming.



Hello, Satai here. Ville is the real name. Based in Jyväskylä, Finland and I’ve been Slipmat DJ for couple of years now. Willing to help if I have time. :slight_smile:


Hi all

It’s DJ Frohike here from cold north at Arctic Circle
I’ve been slipmatian for few years now and you can contact me also for invitations.


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Newcomers looking for an invite, do not start you Slipmat journey with fucking up by not reading the instructions. Do not post in this thread if you are not a mentor. This is for mentor announcements only.


Tim from Sweden , am new here but have been into music and entertainment for quite a while now. Am happy to help In any little way I can


Hi artical here, based in UK, been streaming for a while from, have a few fellow DJs from a UK radio station im involved with that we want to get running on slipmat so signing up to mentor them (and other new slipmat djs as time permits) on slipmat.


Hi, i am Tommy Deogan. Dj from Sweden.
Mixes and mashup mostly dance & eurodance, but even 50 & 60´s. Haha i know, sounds wierd huh. but i urge you to try and mix and mash them genres up with matching BPM (As 50 & 60s mostly have great and hi energized bpm´s) Sounds great.

Anyway, i am of course available to help out if there are new people starting with dj´ing. I am no expert but i sure can help them out with the basics.

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