When can I finally go live?

Go live. Hello friends. When can you go live here? I’ve been here for a long time and nothing is happening. :cry::cry:

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We’ve just recently revamped the invitation process.

First read the instructions: How to Get a Beta DJ Invitation, make sure your invitation status is OK: https://slipmat.io/invitation-status/ and when the status page says you’re all OK, ask a fellow DJ to mentor and endorse you. The process is 100% community-driven, it moves as fast or slow as you and your mentor decide.

You’ll find DJs to mentor you here from Backstage, but also from our community chat and just by visiting events. Any Slipmat DJ can become a mentor if they want to.

I’m currently preparing for our next release, I’ll be posting more about the process with it and also promoting the mentoring process so that we’ll get more DJs involved.

Everything seems to be fine with me.

Come join us on the Discord in our help channel. A little easier to converse there.
Have you joined some streams? Posted on backstage?

Most likely :sweat_smile:

…but yeah, community chat is a good place to meet fellow DJs if there isn’t any events live. Although, these times Righ Now are the start of the weekend, which is the most busy time on the site so lots of opportunities to catch up live shows almost on every time zone :slight_smile: