DJ Looking for a Mentor

Hey Aardvark. So I’m new to Slipmat and have been a DJ/VJ here is Seattle for 30 years. I have a ton of peeps home bound and our clubs are closed of course. I’m set up to stream live VJ sets and have completely the Slipmat requirements, I just need a current DJ to mentor me. I was hoping you might be the one. I had planned to have A Night At Studio 54 event tonight filled with 70’s funk and disco mixes, but don’t want to use FB Live as they end up blocking most DJ sets. Let me know when you can, and thanks. #DiscoVinnie

Moved this post to a new topic as the original is meant to promote DJs who are willing to mentor others.

@DiscoVinnie, your current listener username is your DJ name so you’ll need to fix that before getting an invite. Please read and comply with the documentation in the invite status page, also detailed here.

Hmmmmm…that’s actually the name I go by in the community. It’s my facebook and web page persona as well. I don’t use my birth name for business purposes at all. Do I still need to change it?

Read the documentation. Your listener profile and DJ profile are not the same thing, they need to be different.

You’ll create your DJ profile after you get the invite, that’s where you’ll put your DJ-related details.

And this is exactly why we have distinct civilian (listener) profile and DJ profile here on Slipmat. It’s not good to mix your personal and business profiles so better keep them totally different. Your DJ profile has details like booking information and Facebook page URL, while your listener profile has personal info for the situations when you hang out with the community as yourself.

It’s the same thing on Facebook: you have an account that has your real name and personal info, but you can also have a Page which is for business only. These things should be separate.

That’s just it. My personal page on FB is Disco Vinnie. My business page is DJ Disco Vinnie. I’m a little confused about my “DJ Profile”. Am I guessing that can’t be setup until I’ve been mentored?

We had a whole FB court issue when they tried to shut down our accounts several years back. I work with a lot of Drag Queens and Burlesque performers, and we all go by our character names, even in public, and we forced FB to allow us to use those names, which they have.

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Hmmmm. I just noticed the profile does have my real name as Vince Harris. Are you wanting my “display name” to change?

Hey @DiscoVinnie, Your DJ name and your listener name can be the same, but they’re different parts of the same account. :¬) So you can have DiscoVinnie as your DJ name.

Our system is designed to separate the two profiles. If you don’t want to follow the spirit of the community, you can create whatever alt ego you like for your listener profile, but at the moment our system just looks for distinct profiles and it’s not going to be changed in the forseeable future.

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OK…I’m still not sure where to change or which item to change. I see username, display name and real name. Are you needing me to change either of those as my real name is in there??

Nope, not true. I just explained it. It’s also explained in the docs many times around. The new bot will flag any new accounts like this, so better to fix the profile before creating the DJ profile as they will get flagged and locked and then someone (usually me) needs to unlock them after they’ve been fixed :slight_smile:

As long as anything in those fields do not refer to your DJ persona, you’re fine.

I think I’ve changed it so it will work??

Aha. OK. Sorry. That’s changed. I’ll pick this up again tomorrow when my head’s a little clearer. :¬/

Again. Please. Read. The documentation. (You need to log out of Backstage and log back in to make those changes stick.)

Oh shoot. I was hoping to be able to get a mentor tonight so I could try and stream my live set here. Is that still a possibility?

Sure it is, we’ll make it happen :slight_smile:

I did read. Sorry. I did not see where I needed to log out. I believe I’ve done that. Does it show?

You can verify any of your changes here: