Your first DJ gear

cool did they have vari speed?

Only the Tascam! First time I had two 1200s together was the first night at my first club/radio show in 1989. I was so nervous, I had to have the coat check girl put my needles down for me!

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Ion Belt Drives!

I was EXTREMELY fortunate. I had an amazing sister and group of friends who saw the musical insanity lingering inside. I was a mixtape kid who hit all his friends, lovers and family members with almost daily tape drops. Then I started mixing tracks slowly due to tech and available storage with good ole Soundforge DAW. Expanding or compressing my tracks then cutting and then mix pasting them. I jumped on decks any chance I could get and a small crowd would gather knowing that all I wanted was this and something special(even if it wasn’t tech good) was happening. Then my sister and my friends got tired of seeing this dream of mine just out of reach. I was constantly working but not making much money. They pooled their money together and bought me a set of Technic 1200mk2’s and an American DJ mixer with Pioneer headphones. I have a picture of myself trying to hold back the tears with a ridiculous sh*t eating grin on my face. They waited until my birthday to reveal this prize they had for me. I am notorious for hating my birthday. I don’t know what happened to me to make me hate them but I hole up and don’t talk to any one. Let’s just say this was the one birthday I smiled non stop and will always cherish as far as memories go. After that night my sister and my friends didn’t see me for over a week because I was glued to those decks and had no intentions of stepping away from them.

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My first gear was a DDJ-FLEX 4 and i really loved it, it was amazing. Both very beginner friendly and yet very useful as DJ´ing more advanced and at parties etc. Truly a piece close to heart