Virtual DJ


Normally I work with RekordBox, but I also have Virtual DJ.
Is there anyone using Virtual DJ to stream directly from Virtual DJ?


I didn’t know that Virtual DJ could do this but apparently it can broadcast video, too. So it’s very straightforward, just select “other” or whatever allows you to manually input the RTMP server URL and then your stream key and off you go.

(Do note, however, that Frankie (the Slipmat streaming server) settings need to be exactly right or you will encounter problems. Therefore OBS or any other proper dedicated streaming software is still a better bet. If your settings are off and the stream quality is bad or it has buffering, that’s 100% on you.)

I found this, it looks pretty simple:

I use Virtual DJ for FaceBook, Youtube, Vimeo, ect. works :ok_hand:
To (for example) it’s constantly missing frames ect.

As soon as I can broadcast here (on will I test it extensively and keep everyone informed.

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Hey there. I’m just waiting for a mentor, but also use Virtual DJ for MP4 mixing. It works great and we tested on FB Live and it worked like a charm. We are using OPS for the streaming part, and you end up opening the “video window” on your second screen and hitting the fill screen option, or maximize. From that point on the OPS options should show that window and stream that. This will allow you to still have your virtual DJ window open on the main screen.


First short test, with Virtual DJ … :sweat_smile:

The test works well :partying_face:,

  • Medium 1280x720 @ 2000.96
  • High 1920x1080 @ 4000,128
    Will work.

However, :neutral_face: some frame failure at Hoog, but still have to test this on a faster MacbookPro, which I am now testing from 2013, my other in my DJ setup is from 2019.

How to:
At Virtual DJ

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to broadcast
  • Choose at “Stream to:” “Other”
  • Enter: URL: (Found at:> Ingest server)
  • Choose broadcast Quality
  • Enter: Straem Key: (Found at:> Stream key)
  • Press “Start Broadcast”
  • Close “settings”
  • Do your thing in terms of DJ in Audio or Video (With only Audio … choose a nice picture or webcam)

More later.