New DJ invitation

Change your listener profile username (and other details) to not have your DJ name and I’ll send the invite :slight_smile: More info on the invite status page and here in the docs. (You need to log out of BAckstage and log back in for the changes to update here as well.)


I just changed mij names, mail, photo, ect.


Looks good, mate! I’ll send the invite as soon as your email updates to the system. It’ll take an hour or so :+1:

Edit: sent the invite but noticed a bug in the system. Please dm me if you didn’t get it and I’ll sort it out.

Hi Uninen, if you get a chance, can you check my DJ application / profile, many thanks,



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You should be in touch with our DJ mentors.

We now have commercial support available as well.

Thanks for the reply Uninen, I was under the impression you get contacted as it states in the profile checker. I’m more than happy to pay a subscription for the service but I need to know if my set up will work with the platform.


Hi Uninen, Ok, looks like I won’t get a chance to test the platform via conventional methods and trying like everyone else, can’t think what I’ve done wrong? Let’s get to the bottom line, how do I pay a subscription to give it a go?


No need to pay anything @RetroJock. Hop into this live event chat here, I’ll talk you through it (and others on the chat will see the info as well!):

Hey Uninen, Just correct my stupid mistake, hopefully the changes are correct,


I hope :crossed_fingers:t4: I get N invatation

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