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Hey Uninen. My event started and for the first time there is an additional support button. I’m trying to raise money for my business and the out of work employees with the donation button. This button is going to confuse people. How do I remove this? If I need to pay for a subscription or something I’m happy to do so, but I don’t want this to mess up donations tonight. Thanks.

Please read: Announcement: Slipmat Pro Streamer Subscriptions

Thanks. Great info. So here’s my question. First I want to do the Rockstar. Can I start a test event and still take care of paying that? Also, after this is paid is there an option for not displaying the button? If not what happens to donations that use that button after my $19eu has been paid? Do those funds go to me or somewhere else being saved toward the $49eu option I don’t want.

Sorry for the questions, but right now all my streams are trying to raise money to help our employees that are all laid off due to the virus chaos. When this is over then it’s not so much a concern. But right now I’m not taking “tips”. It’s all for the employees. Thx.

Sure you can. Just fire up a private/hidden event, and purchase the subscription yourself. It will hide the Sponsor-button from all other events after that. We’ll tune the whole process to be better in the upcoming days and weeks.

For now, because of the reasons explained in the post linked above, all events played with a DJ that has no subscription will display the Sponsor-button. For the DJs who have a subscription, the sponsor-button will not be visible at all.

For the moment there is no way to downgrade a subscription nor make it automatically recurring. We intend these kind of things plus the option to purchase event-based subscriptions be available in a next week or two.

I’d also like to remind everyone that these subscriptions are for the DJs. They also are currently the only way to support Slipmat. This site is here solely for DJs to be able to play, make money and grow their fanbase. Slipmat is and hopefully will continue to be a healthy and safe alternative to all those generic sites that are run by corporations whose only goal is to make money by spying you, selling your data and showing you ads. If we can’t keep a helthy option alive, I’d rather stop streaming than sell out my fans to those sites.

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Thx. And totally understand. In the future it’s not an issue. But with the current virus issue I hope you can understand the need to ensure donations for the short term go to help this cause and those out of work at the risk of not even paying rent.

After we get through this it’s biz as usual. Money for us hard working DJs and the amazing platform you’ve created. Cheers, and we’ll get a test going later today to pay my subscription.

Indedd, I totally understand and this is why I have been working literally around the clock for a long time now to bring us these new ways to support bot this site so it stays up but also for the listeners to support the DJs :slight_smile:

I’ve seen some pretty clever things here on the evens already, I’ll post more on them on Monday when I get some time to breathe. It’s good to get all kinds of information spreading so we can learn from each other.

Happy spinning! \o/

Thx. Rockstar paid for, so tomorrow’s event should run as planned.

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