Slipmat Week Notes 7/2021

Goood Hello slipmatians! o/

I hope everyone is doing well, and special shoutout to our friends in Texas who hopefully have their electricity sorted out by now! It’s been a very busy week here at Slipmat and the development of the new v3 platform is shaping up nicely.

Development News

The ongoing v3 alpha iteration has been moving forward nicely this week. We’ve also started to plan out the next few weeks for the next iteration to give a little sense of what’s going to happen in next few weeks.

In a nutshell, this week we finalized the full user workflow with all basic features, plus a notification system for the new site. The basic user functionality is almost complete including registration, login, logout, data export and profile deletion.

As many the new features are still missing some very low-level basic plumbing, we didn’t have a chance to get the new live page preview working for this week, but we’ll get there soon. Next week we’ll work on the new artist and event stuff, including the big chance where we move from 1 DJ = 1 artist to a more flexible structure where one artist can be composed of many users. The new events will also be much more streamlined which makes it very easy to for example do shows with repeating time slots and one-off fast live events with nearly zero effort.

As always, you can follow my twitter feed, these weekly posts or the community chat dev firehose channel for updates on this progress.

Community News

In an ongoing effort towards better privacy and to minimize unnecessary data collection, we have gotten a great deal from a small startup called for cheaper and more privacy-friendly analytics. They wanted to support our open and community-focused efforts and we have been moving all our analytics to their platform. We no longer collect personally identifiable data for analytics and we no longer use cookies to track any of the user metrics on the site. Plausible API also allows us to collect more detailed analytics data for individual artists events and profile pages – artists will see this in their new v3 dashboards soon!

I want to personally Thank You for the folks at Plausible for giving us a generous discount which helps us to continue to offer a unique and privacy-friendly service for our artists and listeners :heart:

:tada: Congrats to Radio4Ravers #100!

Congratulations to @digitizedsoul for his Radio4Ravers shows 100th episode! If you are into trance, and happen to be on the right timezone on Thursday nights, you should definitely join in :slight_smile:

And if you, like me, are living in the wrong timezone for this show, catch up the recordings right here on Slipmat:

Help Wanted!

I posted the previous help wanted -post on November and then got some private contacts that lead to some discussions and me doing a tens of hours of work for setting up some initial tools and work environments for a new team but none of the contacts unfortunately lead to any concrete work being done. So I’m raising my hand once more for anyone who would like to join the development team to make the world literally a better place :slight_smile: Just read the previous post if you’re interested!

We also are in dire need of native English speakers who could help with our social media channels and things like documentation (proofreading is alone a huge help if you’re not into writing it yourself). So non-technical help is really valuable as well! Again, pm me if you’re interested :slight_smile:

That’s it for this week – see you around! o/

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