Help wanted: Frontend developer (JavaScript / TypeScript / Vue)

Slipmat has grown from a small hobby project into a fairly large platform with hundreds of active users. This journey has taken us over four years. I’ve had lots of help with the community, documentation, testing, moderating and server-side stuff but almost all of the code is still written by me alone. I’d like to change that, now that we’re finally transitioning to a totally fresh codebase.

Slipmat is a 100% community-run project. This gives us a lot of freedom of doing basically whatever we want. I’m very experienced developer, having been with the Web since the late 90s. I’m familiar working with all kinds of teams and projects, especially teaching and mentoring both teams and individuals. I’d like to find one or few volunteers to learn Web development by working on Slipmat.

The requirements are pretty slim:

  • you need to know at least a little bit English, and
  • you need to have time for 1-2 evenings per week for Slipmat

basic understanding of programming and/or Web development in general is obviously a big help but not necessary.

What you will learn:

  • State of the art HTML5 / CSS techniques, RESTful and GraphQL APIs, websockets, webworkers, wasm
  • JavaScript / Typescript (plus some Python and Go)
  • Some of the most popular modern Web frameworks / tools like Vue and TailwindCSS
  • Best practices with best possible tools (git, CI/CD, unit testing, e2e testing, agile/kanban)
  • Working remotely with a team, probably across multiple timezones

So, this is an opportunity to learn modern Web development by building cool shit and giving back to the community. Also, being able to mention even a half of the things on the above list on your CV will easily land you 8 out of 10 proper jobs in the field (that are looking such things). But, remember, this is not a paid internship or a formal job, this is volunteering by building a community-driven product. This is also a hobby so it should also be fun! :slight_smile:

Again, it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced developer looking up to bush up on Web skills or a total newbie, we’re happy for any help we can get! :+1:

If you are interested, dm me here on Backstage.

PS. If you know a friend who might be interested, post them a link to this topic!