Slipmat Week Notes 16/2020

The initial corona rush seems to be slowing down quite a bit but we managed to break one more record this week; we now have over 1000 monthly registered listeners :slight_smile: Thank You everyone for being here!

Frankie Pro subscriptions are now covering about 75% of our immediate running costs. Still not quite there yet but we’re getting there :slight_smile:

Development notes

Most of the development work last week went to under the hood. There is also few bigger new things in process which hopefully will see the light of the day if not this then next week.

The first alpha version of video overlays is now available for DJs to test. (Please take the alpha status seriously and do not use these if you are not prepared for possible glitches in your layers.) The documentation is still lacking but the initial implementation already allows interesting tweaks. We’ll make everything easier to work with as we get more feedback on how DJs actually want to use these :slight_smile:

Here’s a couple of examples of the new layers in action from past weekend:

Another quite a big development last week was the addition of a new tipping modal on the new live page. This has been literally months in making and as we now have a totally new tipping infrastructure in place, we can soon enable tipping for all DJs who have a PayPal account. This is a huge step forward as it allows better integration for all DJs and also a properly automated payments to DJs as well. Stay tuned for more information about this later this week.

This week will be a special bug-squash week; we’ll try to tackle a large a mount of small issues around the site instead of building new features.

Our other top priorities for upcoming development are:

  • better marketing tools for DJs (better archived event page, tracklists as text and from Virtual DJ, commenting / rating, using request system before the event)
  • better community features (new homepage to make it more fun to visit Slipmat homepage as a listener / community member)
  • still keep making the invitation process faster and getting more DJs in

Thak You for all DJs for participating in the community by inviting new DJs, new listeeners, reporting bugs and participating doscussions here on Backstage :heart:

Tips fo DJs

It seems that I didn’t record any new tips past week but I did see DJs struggling with lot of same problems than adressed before so maybe re-read the old tips from weeks 13, 14 and 15 :slight_smile:

The main thing that comes to mind almost every single day is that there is a huge difference between DJs who understand the importance of promotion and those who don’t. Some DJs play sets here on Slipmat with just random one or two listeners in their sets because they don’t make any effor whatsoever to promote their events. Still, vast majority have constantly at least 30-50 listeners and top DJs manage to have 100+. It’s worth reiterating yet again that Slipmat is not a huge site promoted by a multimillion dollar company. We don’t have the money to buy you free listeners, you need to do the marketing bit yourself. And when you do, you are rewarded with loyal and satisfied true audience that is worth lots more than the random walk-ins you get on the soul selling platforms.