Beta 20 Release Notes

Once again, a long wait between releases. If you want to make things move faster, please join in and help – this is a community effort! (Generally being active here helps too, of course.)

This release focuses heavily on squashing bugs. Most notably there has been issues with login and registering, event redirects and various other things.

Full Changelog

  • Enhancement: Event DJs can now change video ID and do most admin actions when event is in Warmup mode. Fixes #356.

  • Enhancement: Added basic site statistics visible on the admin page. Fixes #311.

  • Enhancement: added uploaded media files (profile photos, event photos, etc) to CDN. Fixes #336.

  • Enhancement: added a 6h time limitation to Stream Now event key creation to avoid YouTube APi misuse. Fixes #330.

  • Enhancement: added robots.txt for search engines. Fixes #334.

  • Enhancement: added links to Pablo and Unsplash to event creation form. Fixes #325.

  • Bugfix: Broken default video ID will now trigger event form validation properly. Fixes #355.

  • Bugfix: Live event redirects work again. Fixes #343.

  • Bugfix: Logging in from live event page no longer produces an error. Fixes #346.

  • Bugfix: The database now understands 4-byte unicode (ie. emoticons). This fixes #274, #276, #304, #305.

  • Bugfix: Loooooong artist and track names no longer break collection import. (The names are just shortened to max 80 characters in artist name and max 120 characters in song title. Currently there is no warning about this.) Fixes #191.

  • Bugfix: Trying to add too long video ID in live event admin no longer breaks things. Fixes #303.

  • Bugfix: Chat URL parsing is now more robust. Too many redirects and slow-responding sites no longer break the parser. Fixes #306, #308.

  • Bugfix: Loooooong links posted to chat no longer break things. (The first implementation is suboptimal as they’re just shortened to 200 chars, which can potentially break them. But better break the link than the chat…) Fixes #307.

  • Bugfix: prevent starting a Stream Now event if you already have one event live. Fixes #310.

  • Bugfix: prevent creating multiple Stream Now events and scheduling a new event if there is Stream Now event currently starting. Fixes #324.

  • Bugfix: fixed meta image URL for Facebook. Fixes #335.

What’s Next

The development of is be done in pre-planned sprints. Because we have very limited developer resources, the length of the sprints will vary. (If you want to help, volunteer here . Everyone can help in some way!)

Every sprint will have a primary focus and also include generic bug tickets. Here’s the currently planned roadmap:

  • Sprint 21, codename “One Hundred Paper Cuts”, starts today . Finalize the UI changes, iron out some long standing bugs and issues. After this milestone we should be 100% marketing ready.
  • Sprint 22, codename “We Are Family”. Focus on community features and chat.
  • Sprint 23, codename “Requests Forever”. Lots of new and better functionality to Request System.


The release of beta 19 was personally a bit of an anti-climax as I worked literally hundreds of hours towards it and in the end got literally zero thanks for it. So, like with this release, the pace and the content of future releases will be directly linked to your activity both here on the Backstage and on the site itself. In other words, if you like it here, be active and encourage others to join, too! :slight_smile:

And as always, Big Thank You for you who keep using the site and reporting bugs. is a community effort. Please give feedback on the new features, suggest new ones, report bugs and invite your friends to use the site. Thanks!