Beta 19 Release Notes

After over 7 months of work and a final push that took 10 weeks, I’m very happy and proud to announce the release of Beta 19! This is a humongous update and hopefully the last of its kind; in the future we’ll focus on making smaller updates more frequently. The full list of changes is huge, let’s start with some highlights:

New Homepage and UI

Most of the site now looks better and works better with mobile devices. There has also been lots of improvements in accessibility. These changes allow easier theming of the whole site, of which we’ll get a demonstration hopefully quite soon!

New User Profile Section

User profile section has been totally rewritten. It’s now easier to set profile photo and edit your details, especially on mobile devices. You can now connect and login with Google accounts.

New DJ Admin Section


DJ admin section has also been fully rewritten. Everything works now much faster and better, especially on mobile devices. There are now basic stats visible from your last 10 events and creating and editing events is much easier. There are more event statistics visible and you can now see both hidden an public archived events.

Full Changelog

  • Enhancement: Literally every page of the site has been touched and most of the site has been upgraded to more accessible and better looking UI. (This work is still in progress, though.) (Ticket #145)

  • Enhancement: anonymous homepage has been upgraded. It now explains better and displays currently live events more prominently. (Ticket #270)

  • Enhancement: DJ onboarding process has been fully rewritten. The registration form now gives the DJ basic understanding of Personal vs DJ profiles and allows editing userprofile at the same time as choosing artist name. First login is also treated differently and if you have played less than 10 events you’ll see more help in various contexts. (Ticket #255)

  • Enhancement: DJ Admin section has been fully rewritten

    • There’s now stats from past 10 events visible on DJ index page
    • Setting and changing the artist profile photo is now much easier and it works fluently with mobile devices
    • Event detail archive now has a list of first time users that were seen during the event (Ie. users whose first event this was). This is immensely useful information when you are trying to grow your fanbase.
    • Anonymous tips are now anonymous also to DJs (this change does not affect past events)
    • You can now mark past events as hidden. Hidden events aren’t counted in stats and they wont show up in public event lists. This is useful to keep your public profile and stats page clean from test events.
    • Event creation form
      • now automagically adds date to event slug if needed (Ticket #177 - Thanks @Tijn for the report)
      • doesn’t reset fields if validation fails (Ticket #141 - Thanks @Satai for the report)
    • DJ admin page no longer redirects to live event page automatically
  • Enhancement: User profile section has been fully rewritten

    • The profile photo is now shown on the profile page
    • Setting and changing the photo is now much easier and works with mobile devices
    • Profile page
      • now reminds you to complete your profile details
      • now encourages you to set up a password if you’ve registered via Facebook or Google
      • now displays your latest attended events
      • now displays the joining date
      • now displays how many events you have attended
  • Enhancement: Added new social login with Google account (Ticket #154)

  • Enhancement: Backstage background image now displays correctly (Ticket #170)

  • Enhancement: static assets are now delivered by CDN. This makes the site load much faster for almost everyone, but especially everyone outside of Europe (Ticket #223)

  • Enhancement: Setting a redirection to event now produces a chat message (Ticket #77)

  • Change: default maximum number of requests has been dropped from 5 to 3. (DJ can still control the setting from event page. We’ll add this to a configurable setting in DJ profile in a future sprint.)

  • Bugfix: LOVE hearts no more make live page jump in certain conditions (Ticket #118)

  • Bugfix: Nick autocomplete list in chat no longer includes your own nick (Ticket #117)

  • Bugfix: Facebook likes and Instagram followers are now updated correctly during live events. (Ticket #124)

  • Code: Versioning is now based on Semver

  • Code: Upgraded the project to use Bootsrap 4 (Ticket #145)

  • Code: Created Docker environment for developing (Ticket #128)

  • Code: Python requirements are now pinned (Ticket #127)

  • Code: Added comprehensive automated test suite (Ticket #68)

What’s Next

Starting from now, further development of Slipmat will be done in pre-planned sprints. This hopefully makes the development process more visible. Because we have very limited developer resources, the length of the sprints will vary. (If you want to help, volunteer here. Everyone can help in some way!)

Every sprint will have a primary focus and also include generic bug tickets. We’ll probably publish more detailed public roadmap of future sprints, but for now here’s the short version:

  • Sprint 1/2018, codename “One Hundred Paper Cuts”, starts today. Finalize the UI changes, iron out some long standing bugs and issues. After this milestone we should be 100% marketing ready.
  • Sprint 2/2018, codename “We Are Family”. Focus on community features and chat.
  • Sprint 3/2018, codename “Requests Forever”. Lots of new and better functionality to Request System.


As always, I want to say a Big Thank You all of you who have been helping with this release, all DJs and other community members. We couldn’t do this without you – Thank You!

Remember, is a community effort. Please give feedback on the new features, suggest new ones, report bugs and invite your friends to use the site. Together we keep on getting better!