Slipmat Beta 33 Released

Hello, Slipmatians! :metal:

It’s been way too long since our last proper release, but we’re finally here! :slight_smile: Starting from today, we’ll be experimenting using a new changelog system for communicating the changes between the smaller mid-releases as well (which we had 22 between this and last release!) which hopefully makes our work much more visible and easier to follow.

Here’s a short recap of the most important changes, and the full list is at the bottom of this post.

Changes to Frankie Pro Subscriptions

We launched Frankie Pro subscriptions earlier this year in a rushed fashion as we wanted to give the possibility to as many DJs as possible. The subscription workflow is now cleaned up and subscription status and details are now properly displayed on the DJ dashboard and the subscription page that can be found from the DJ dasboard.

Those older Slipmat DJs who used the old Stripe-based tipping system and have active Frankie Pro subscription can now switch from PayPal payments to using earned tips instead. (We’ll expand this in near future for those with inactive subscriptions as well.)

Tipping Is Now Available for All DJs

This feature was launched as a soft launch few weeks ago and many DJs have already found and used it succesfully. If you still haven’t, all you need to do is to add your PayPal email in your DJ profile and you can then enable tipping for your events.

Please note that automated withdrawals are not yet implemented. This latest release added the plumbing to do that so we expect to get this feature online in a couple of weeks. If you want a payment before this, just pm me here with your event details and we’ll do a manual payment.

Video Overlays

This was also launched with a soft launch and many DJs seem to have found interesting ways to use these overlays as well. Read the details here: Soft launch: Video Overlays (embeds)

Other Technical Upgrades

This release is packed with small and big technical details that aren’t very sexy to talk about but actually affect the site in a big way. We for example have a totally new homepage and the new live page is now a default for all events. This enables us to switch the last features from the old site and unify the experience for everyone.

We also now have a third-party status page over at Please bookmark or memorize this URL, it’s a very good tool to check if you have any problems with Slipmat services. This page measures and displays the status of all our core services and in the future you can also subscribe to notifications as well.

Lastly, there’s been quite a lot of new development as well, some of which you can check out for yourself already. Our upcoming EventPlanner demo is being developed at – feel free to check it out and add your experience in the comments! :slight_smile:

Full Release Notes

  • New: Frankie Pro subscriptions can now be purchased the way they always were supposed to be, right from your DJ dashboard. Your subscription status is now shown on the DJ dashboard page.

  • New: we now have video overlays, starting with Event chat, Listener avatar photos, Latest supporters (photos), Tip target (sum). Read more about this feature: Soft launch: Video Overlays (embeds)

  • New: we now have a professional third-party status page for monitoring the status of various services across the site. Bookmark this page:

  • New: our logged in homepage has been totally rewritten. The new homepage has been designed to work better with our upcoming new features and to display other related content (like show recordings) more prominently.

  • New: started a blog! Check out Cue the Blog.

  • Enhancement: tipping via PayPal is now enabled for all DJs. Add your PayPal email to your DJ profile to enable the tip system.

  • Enhancement: added a hamburger menu for the new live page.

  • Enhancement: UI cleanup to the tipping modal.

  • Enhancement: total listener count is now collected to DJ event stats.

  • Enhancement: the details of upcoming DJs in invitation process are now refreshed every 15 minutes.

  • Enhancement: event redirections are now redirecting to new live page.

  • Enhancement: events that don’t use Slipmat Frankie streamers now display a warning for the listeners on the live page. We’ll be setting more stricter rules for third-party streams soon and will eventually deprecate (ie. ban) all non-conforming streams to make the live page experience as good as possible for all listeners.

  • Bugfix: fixed a nasty UI problem for Safari on the new live page.

  • Bugfix: the bulletin tab works again.

  • Bugfix: fixed an issue with Safari breaking dates when editing events in DJ admin.

  • Under the hood: cleaned up a good chunk of the old codebase in order to be able to upgrade to latest version of Python.

  • Under the hood: updated all backend and frontend code packages to the latest security patches.

  • In development: we’ve published a demo of the admin view of our upcoming event (festival) planner tool at Feel free to check it out!


Again, big Thank You to all our DJs and our community for keeping the site alive. Expect more frequent updates in this space during upcoming days and weeks! :slight_smile:


Fantastic! Looking forward to it!

Superb. Thank you for the work that you continue to do on this site. :¬)

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