Slipmat and COVID-19

Dear Slipmatians,

as the physical world struggles with the effects of social distancing because of the coronavirus, the events and social gatherings here on Slipmat, Backstage and our community chat are now more important than ever. Slipmat community is open 24/7 and music is the best kind of therapy for your mind :slight_smile:

As the social distancing measures will undoubtedly affect many DJs, we’re preparing to launch a couple of new features to help DJs earn money and promote their services easier:

  • The bulletin-tab comes back to event pages. When creating events, you can enable bulletin and add any info you like which will then show up under the event video on the live page (both new and old pages). This allows you to link fundraiser campaigns, links to your ecommerce shops or to communicate whatever you like in a visible way right under the event video.
  • We’ll add a support link to the artist profile. You can add a link to your Patreon or PayPal page or any other site you use for gathering support from your fans. This link will be displayed prominently on the artist profile and also on the live page and it will be available for all DJs.
  • We’ll also add booking-details (starting with email, phone and URL, plus free text) to the artist profile. If you fill these out, they will be shown on your public profile and live event pages so your listeners can easily spot your booking details right from the event page.
  • Listeners will get a new supporter-badge. This will be a manual toggle for all DJs to use as they see fit. If a DJ marks a listener as supporter (for example after a tip payment or any other criteria), they will get a metric ton of Karma pus a badge in their profile in the event page. A small thing but it hopefully makes supporting your favourite DJ more fun and therefore encourage to do some good :slight_smile:

These features are all currently under development and first iteration is planned to be pushed live later today. I’ve frozen other development until we get these delivered, I expect most of them being live by the end of the weekend.

Please Slipmat DJs, keep on making world that much better place live with your music! :heart: Encourage your listeners to find out other DJs here on Slipmat as well, the site is full of great talent :slight_smile:

PS. Also please help each other and invite new DJs in – it’s now all in your hands!

Lots of love,

- VS // Uninen


The lockdown in San Francisco led me to find this community and I’m excited to see how quickly it develops as we all turn to new solutions to collaborate with each other!


Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for doing what you all do. Helpful!.. maybe even especially my fave DJ, Urban Love Ulcer!


I’m in lockdown in Alicante, Spain.
Fortunately the weather pretty here.

FB block my steam after 40 min.
Need a other platform.
People here are waiting for some entertainment.


Bless you for doing this. With events and gigs being canceled left and right and little hope for an income stream this might be exactly what our community needs. I’m looking forward to being both a customer and advocate of the site.

Let me know if you need anything tested, I’m here and ready to assist in any way that I can.

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Hey everyone! Happy to hear these cool news in such crazy times. BTW I wanted to run my show here since summer, but either was too busy with live shows or had some hardware problems. To hell with problems, I’ll set up the picture this weekend and see you soon!

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stay safe and healthy everyone :black_heart::butterfly:

The search for a proper streaming platform led me here.