Request Your Own Community Forum Here!

The DJ communities category is meant for a umbrella for subcategories for individual Slipmat.oi DJs private communities. Private in a sense that you can have all single-dj-related conversations and everything under the sun there, for example in your own language, freely without them showing up on the main forum.

Posts from these communities aren’t included in the normal Backstage email digests. (But you can still subscribe to them normally.)

Every active Slipmat DJ can have their own community forum here. Reply to this topic to request one, and we’ll create it!

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Yes let’s do a Phoole Gang chat!

Done! Advice your fans to join the Phoole Gang Group to be able to see the new forum! :slight_smile:

We also have a chat server over at Discord ( ) , all DJs can have their own 24/7 channel there as well! :slight_smile:

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I Feel So Dumb. But I can’t seem to find the group you kindly set up for the Gang!

You’ll find the forum from the homepage under DJ Communities like all other sub-forums, but in order your fans to find it, they need to go to the main menu -> Groups -> Phoole Gang and add themselves in :slight_smile: You are also an owner of that group so I believe you can just add people in yourself as well.

The group-thing is there so we can separate and keep all the different communities private. All conversations inside them are only visible to the group members so you can use it however you like :slight_smile:

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Glad to join the community.

Could we start a group to discuss other live-stream services? It would be useful to get people’s feedback on other services (facebook, twitch, youtube) and why you are thinking of trying a new service, what is good and bad from your experience of those other services.

(DJ %username%)

Hi Lukas and welcome to Slipmat! :slight_smile:

I like the idea but for the moment I think it’s best to just post these topics into #hut:dj-talk for example as the volumes for the other forums are still very low. Feel free to start any topics you like!

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ta for that suggestion.

I guess I could use one!

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Would love a “Beats Battalion” community! :smile:

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Hi @Major_Trouble! Fix your listener profile to meet our community standards (docs here) and dm me here on Backstage after everything is ok in the invite status page (meaning actually complying the requirements, not just green) and I’m happy to send you an invite. After that we can take a look at the forum community :+1: :slight_smile: