New features on Backstage!

A heads up about few new features here on Backstage.

Communicating dates/times with timezone information

One challenging thing about running international radio shows and live streams is communicating the dates across various timezones. Backstage allows you to add a localized date to any post by clicking the cog icon and selecting “Insert date”. This will open a pop-up window that allows you to specify a date/time in your timezone and all readers then see it in their native timezone like so:

Join DJ Uninen for the 90s Night show every Friday at 2019-01-25T20:00:00Z \o/

Feel free to post info about your Slipmat events here in the Events and promotion-forum.

Uploading audio (mp3/m4a/wav/aif)

It occured to me that people might want to share jingles or other pieces of audio via Backstage so I’ve enabled uploading of various audio types. Please don’t upload full songs, tho. There are better sites for that :slight_smile:

Reacting to posts with emojis

You can now add reactions to posts like on various other social media platforms. These icons can also be used for voting, so feel free to use these kind of votings in your events! (And if you didn’t know you can also have a fully own, private group for your DJ account! Just follow the instructions.)

“Almost Secret” Giphy reactions

There’s also a Giphy-reactions search tool embedded in the post form, but it currently lacks icon so it’s effectively hidden. (Edit: the play icon is now showing as it should!) Try clicking the little play icon on top of the post form between the smileyface and the clock icon and be surprised! :smiley:

oh my god wow GIF

(You don’t need to use that tool to post GIFs – just post a link and it usually Just Works :slight_smile:)

That’s it for this time. If you have any comments or requests regarding on how to make Backstage even more awesome, post em below!