Release Notes - Week 19/2017

This weeks release brings a huge amount of small bugfixes and much improved song request system for live events.

Request system

Lots of new and shiny. Watch the video for a full walkthrough!

  • New: Requests can now be ordered by BPM or Votes.
  • New: DJs can now see requester served status (that is, if she has had one or more requests already played).
  • New: DJs can also now filter requests by the requester served status.
  • New: You can now set a maximum number of requests that a user can make per event. You can set it as high or low as you want. Default limit is 5 and setting this to zero allows unlimited requests.
  • Fixed: requests can now be made even if no collection file has been uploaded.
  • Requests window opens now in request tab for DJs.
  • Artist list is now displayed as a traditional list, which makes reading and skimming much easier.
  • Track list now shows tempo for each track.
  • Track list no longer displays artist with track names if there is an artist selected.
  • If there is an artist selected or/and search text in the search field, clicking “Collection” now resets these and brings you back to the main collection screen.
  • Processed (played) requests are now listed in the order they were processed, latest on top.


  • Fixed a bug in chat where the host could lose ops in some situations.
  • Fixed a bug in live page where non logged in users would not see a proper login/signup form.
  • Fixed a bug in Twitter stats collection.
  • Fixed a bug in Stream Now event creation where RTMP keys were not always created properly.
  • Fixed standalone chat mode for Stream Now events.
  • Fixed event statistics link on DJ admin page.
  • Event aftermarketing/statistics page no longer shows requests-related stats if requests aren’t turned on.
  • Stream Now events no longer have aftermarketing page. (If you care about these things, create a normal event with proper photo, tags etc instead.) Most of the statistics for these events, too, are shown on general statistics page.
  • The personal account profile of the DJ is no longer shown in event listener list.
  • Live event URL is now shown correctly as /artist-slug/live/ for Stream Now events.

Misc improvements

  • Removed Icecast event type option as it was almost never used.
  • Live page active tabs now rotate again in order from left to right. You can turn the carousel-mode off by clicking the small play icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Upgraded the main JavaScript frameworks (Vue and VueX) to latest versions.
  • Upgraded the front-end error reporting software (Sentry) to latest version.

Thank You For Helping!

As always, Thank You everyone who contributed!

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We are a community-driven site, not run by any for-profit company, therefore Your help is much appreciated. Please give feedback on the new features, suggest new ones, report bugs and invite your friends to use the site. This is how we keep on getting better!

If you want to help in the development itself, check out the help wanted-topic for things you can do and step up :slight_smile:

Happy spinning!