Release Notes - Week 16/2017

This weeks updates are focused on event statistics and marketing.

New: Detailed admin/analytics page for ended events

Every event now has a proper analytics and admin page for keeping up with statistics and aftermarketing. The top of the page has a large overview of the most important numbers such as playtime and overall/peak attendees count. (We still only count registered users.)

Most streaming sites only focus on one-time throwaway live streams, and behave badly quite badly when, for example, a listener follows an old link to already ended event. On Slipmat, however, your ended events are first-class citizens and you can use them as promotional tools by adding tracklists and recordings.

You can also very easily publish a playlist from your set on your own Facebook page or blog by using this same tool. Just upload a playlist file (or history file) from Traktor, Serato or Rekordbox and then copy the resulting text or HTML to wherever you want to use it. It’s also automatically added to the public event page so any listener coming late to the party can read the tracklist, and if you have embedded a recording, listen the Mixcloud or Hearthis recording also.

There are plenty of improvements and additions to be made here - your suggestions and comments are welcome!

We collect a plethora of raw numbers and other data from every event you spin. Some of these numbers are now shown on an easily readable table. There are a huge number of numbers yet to be crunched here and if you have any that you’d like to see here, suggestions are welcome!

For every event that had tips enabled and tip transactions made, there’s now also a table showing all the numbers including how many total patrons your event had. We’ll probably build a better separate view for earnings as well, but thiss will get us started for now :slight_smile:

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Enhancement: Homepage for logged in users has a new layout with better marketing links for rising DJs.
  • Bugfix: Cleaned out logged out messages from login screen
  • Security: added SSL security certificate for Backstage, making 100% of now running under secured traffic.

Feedback and help appreciated! is a community effort, and your help is much appreciated. Please give feedback on the new features, report bugs and invite your friends to use the site - this is how we keep on getting better!

If you want to help in the development itself, check out the help wanted-topic for things you can do and step up :slight_smile:

Happy spinning!