PSA: Frankie Trial streamer limits simultaneous streams

We’re having some positive problems here on Slipmat due to the surging amount of DJs who are streaming at the same time. While positive in the sense that it’s nice that we have DJs spinning, these problems still might prevent you starting your set.

Frankie Trial version is currently limited to 6 simultaneous streams. This means that if there are more than 6 live events running, you’re not able to start another. This limitation is due to the fact that we are running on very limited resources and before we get more paid pro subscriptions we’re not able to rent more capacity to the free streams. Note that you won’t currently get any notification about this other than the streaming software disconnecting the stream so please be mindful of the situation when streaming with the trial streamer.

We’ll keep monitoring the situation and will tweak the limits to better balance our infrastructure. Please note that while the the pro streamers aren’t still online these limitations do not affect DJs with an active pro subscription, they will get priority and unlimited streams.

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Can you give me a pro subscription for 9 euro a month please.

Please read the announcement for more info and current limitations. You can subscribe yourself from the live event page. Announcement: Slipmat Pro Streamer Subscriptions

There will be a purchase option available on your DJ dashboard soon as well. Follow the announcements here on Backstage to stay up to date.