No confirmation of email sign up

Has anyone had issues with people trying to register and not getting email confirmation?
Had two people not able to sign up so far.
I have email addresses to check shall I DM them?

I have not gotten email

This is an issue we have because some DJs and other users have been abusing the email system (I wrote about this recently) and hence some of our legitimate emails are not getting through.

A very small number of people are reporting this issue and I’m afraid there is very little we can do about this at the moment apart from trying to educate our users. Reliable email delivery is very expensive (even with small scale customer like Slipmat, we’re talking about hundreds of euros per month) and with the current state of no community funding whatsoever, we’re pretty much out of options.

This is again one issue that we’re trying to fix with Slipmat3, both by having funding for better email delivery and by fixing the process itself so we wouldn’t need to verify emails if not absolutely necessary and when we do, we could use multiple channels (providers) for it.