Community Notes 44/2019

Good Hello fellow Slipmatians! I wanted to reach out and offer some thanks and advice based on what’s been happening past few weeks and days.

Firstly, big Thank You for everyone in the community who have stepped in and helped each other here on Backstage :heart: Please continue to help each other and do find time for some more fun conversations as well in addition to the numerous problem solving ones :slight_smile:

The following applies to everyone:

Very important: Please check your emails

Email is our most important communication channel, we are very dependent of it working well. It’s super important that you tweak your email settings here on Backstage and in your listener profile to be correct (to receive just the emails you want and to receive them in the right address) and that you also make sure those emails are delivered to you properly.

Do not mark emails from Slipmat as spam. If you feel that you’re getting too much emails Backstage, change your settings. If our users mark our emails as spam, they will not get delivered and at some point we might not even be able to send emails at all. Some very important features like password reset rely on emails to work. If you absolutely do not want to have any emails from Slipmat ever again, just delete your profile.

It is as important to correct all wrong spam classifications in your email software so that it can learn to trust our domain. We have absolutely no intent or desire to spam you. If you feel you’re getting too much email from Backstage, tweak your settings. (Note that Backstage and main Slipmat site are two different applications, we unfortunately still don’t have full automatic control for Backstage as it is a third-party app.)

For DJs it’s also very important that our emails get through. If you remove your email from the DJ mailinglist, your DJ profile is automatically disabled. The same happens if you change your email but don’t change the email in the mailinglist as the software cannot match your adresses anymore. Again, if you don’t want any DJ-related emails, you need to delete your profile.

We’ll be automating the email handling more in the upcoming weeks. All complaints and spam notifications we get from our email provider will be acted upon automatically and the user profiles connected to these emails will be deactivated to prevent any damage to our email reputation. Please note that this is something we have to do because we need to make sure our important transactional emails (like account verification and password reset) will get through to our users. Obviously the process also needs more and proper documentation too, so that is forthcoming as well :slight_smile:

Tips For DJs

We’ve seen some common problems our new DJs have been facing. Here’s some tips for everyone.

  • The event controls and DJ admin is located in the (old) main event page. You need to keep that page open even if you use the new live page (or the TV mode) as well.
  • This sounds kind of obvious, but events must be started and stopped. When you first join the event, it is in warmup-mode. You need to start your event from the warmup mode to actually start it. This might not be obvious at the first time but it makes perfect sense if you think about it :slight_smile: I’ve written more and better documentation about this here: Your first Slipmat events - before, during and after
  • Use the redirect functionality if there are other events live when you’re ending yours. Just click the redirect button and if there are any available events, pick one. Your listeners are much happier with your ending if you offer them an easy way to continue having fun instead of just figuratively kicking them from the venue.
  • Even though the new live page is slowly starting to shape up, the default live page still has way more functionality and should be considered the standard. You should also learn to use it and teach your listeners, too. The exception to this rule is mobile clients; all mobile users should default to the new live page.
  • Lastly, please remember to send feedback on any issues you might encounter. Use backstage for asking questions, suggesting new features and general discussion.

Cheers! :tada: