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Hello Slipmatians!

We are a fairly small but welcoming community. I’d love to know more about people joining in and I hope so would everyone else about each other so let’s start a introduction topic :slight_smile:

Feel free to post a an introduction about yourself. It can be short or long, any kind you like. Make it look like you! And add all relevant links to your DJ profile (if you are a DJ) and social media if you like so people can follow you easier.

This topic is for everyone - both for DJs and listeners :slight_smile: Let’s go!


I’ll start! Good Hello, my name is Ville, aka Uninen, aka DJ Uninen! :slight_smile:

I’m a 30-something IT worker / DJ from Turku, Finland, I’ve been streaming online since late 2012 so a while already. I started on Mixify back in the day and never had any proper experience on other platforms except Slipmat of course :slight_smile: I started Slipmat when Mixify closed in 2016 and have had fun here ever since :slight_smile:

I own a cat and I sometimes post stuff around my personal and DJ life on Instagram, and I also Tweet work-related stuff on Twitter. If you want to catch me play on Slipmat, your best bet is to tune in on Fridays when I play my crazy-ass live radio show called the 90s Night, every Friday :slight_smile: (Your timezone: 7:00:00 PM)

Elsewhere on the Web:

Instagram (in English):

Twitter: (in English):

Facebook (mostly in Finnish, only for marketing purposes, don’t use FB personally at all):


Hi. This is the account for Fidget Radio. I’m theaardvark (I also have an account that I’ll broadcast my own shows on under that name)
Fidget Radio is part of the Fidget Music record label. It’s run by Barry Diston, New Dave and me. We do a monthly from Fidget Studios show that genre-hops between most “dance music” genres. We like to showcase new tunes as much as possible.
We’re on Facebook at


Music experimentations, research of sound perfectionism and strong passion for electronic music make gRaBy a promising figure in European underground life#sound: organic, realistic…
style can be defined as progressive and innovative, but at the same time, dynamically funky and classic house, still constantly influenced by the international sound tendence.
gRaBy’s started on about 2000’ and perhaps earlier ;),
can you find me : House, Deep House, Progressive House, Tech House, Melodic Trance, Funky, Jackin House - and not only :slight_smile:
Please join the family and enable streams, and I will repay you with HQ quality events :slight_smile:


I also produce amateur music - I invite you to my channel


Hey there Slipmat Crew, DJ Sly T here CEO/co owner of As you guys know Chew has finally shut down and we’re looking to come over here to stream our shows. My show is saturdays around 9pm till mid nite playing some soul/rnb/house/rap/Reggae etc. Looking forward to streaming on slipmat, just waiting for an invite to the Beta stream. We also broadcast on tunein as well. More details head to our web site. And see you guys soon when we go live. Peace out​:vulcan_salute:t6::pray:t6::tophat:


Hello! Like Uninen, my name is also Ville. :slight_smile: I’m 39 years old IT-worker from Jyväskylä, Finland. My DJ name is Satai. I started DJ:ing in 2016 but it has been my long time dream ever since I went to first discos back in elementary school. But there was always other things to do so I couldn’t fulfill my dream. But in 2016 I thought “now or never” and here we are. I usually play on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM on my “Eurotantsut” 90s show.



Hi! I’m Phoole! My actual first name is two first names: Ann-Elizabeth. I usually go by just “A-E” in person when I’m not being Phoole. I host Phoole and the Gang live on Friday nights from 19:00 Central US time - we’ve been on the air for over 6 years!

The name “Phoole” is an alternate spelling of the word “fool,” which is really what I am - I began my career in entertainment back in 1990 performing as a walkaround character in Shakespeare festivals and 16th-century reenacting events as Jane the Phoole, my comic interpretation of the real-life Jane the Fool, who was a court jester in England during the reigns of Mary Tudor (“Bloody Mary”) and Elizabeth I. My jester career has taken me everywhere in space and time - I’ve been named Milwaukee’s Official Fool, competed in International Jester Tournaments, entertained crowds at the home of the original Tom Fool at Muncaster Castle in Cumbria UK, and made millions of people happy!

My fool experience has also led to my teaching career - I’ve trained hundreds of walkaround entertainers who now make millions more people happy at theme parks and fringe festivals around the world, and I’ve published two books and led workshops for every kind of industry on how and why to interact with other people.

Music has always been a huge part of my life too - my Dad Dan Shapera is a professional bebop jazz bassist and has been a cornerstone of Chicago’s bebop scene since the 1950s; my brother Joe is the greatest living avant-garde jazz drummer, and Art Blakey told him so, so it must be true! My sole regret in my life is that I gave up piano after playing for ten years, at the age of 15; I’ve tried to make up for it by playing everyone else’s music ever since. I made the leap from relentless-mixtape-making to DJ-streaming in 2013 when Sacha Wall recruited me to her Ideal Clubworld Radio resident roster; since then, Phoole and the Gang has grown exponentially to the underground entertainment empire it is today, with Phooligans on every continent and in every timezone “staying up all thing” for music, friends, Uncle Fweddy, and fun on Friday nights!

The Phoole Patreon Platoon powers the Phooliverse:

GIF by @drlogic


Wahay! I’ve got my DJ profile set-up now, thanks guys! I am Pete Howard AKA the Urban Love Ulcer. I play rock n roll, punk, psychedelia, garage, blues, surf, glam, sleaze, metal and alternative sounds on Friday nights. I am currently repairing some studio stuff, but i’ll be live again in a couple of weeks. Find out more:


Hi, My name is Jay and my DJ name is D-Jay, i am in the UK and been mixing since 1982 so a little old haha. i mix house, club, tech House, Techno and old school. just like being Impromptu with my mixes sometimes. i hope to catch some of your shows and still getting to know Slipmat.


I am Video DJ Kurvy, from New Orleans, LA. I am excited to try this platform. I have two streaming studios in my house. I am ready to start to stream/ Can’t wait 24 hours! Ahhhhh

Hope to see you guys on!


Hi, I’m Dj Fopp from Italy…dj and producer since many years…you can find my productions mainly on traxsource, beatport and iTunes and more… I’ve been streaming live mixshow since 2015 with Reelhouse tv but now is off and since last year I streamed on no more available…I was searching new sites to stream my shows and here I am…soon I’ll try to stream a mixshow.


hello slipmat backstage community,

first of all I wanted thank you for having me in here and use that occassion to introduce me briefly:

together with my long-term ‘partner in crime’ hossow I’ve been spinning records in clubs all over germany since ‘back in the day’ 1996, since 1999 we have our own shoutcast stream up and running where we got in touch with live-session broadcasts the first time even if it just was based on audio streaming.

as years went on we had a few more shots at a few (video)streaming / broadcasting / social media platforms like yt / fb / unow / mixify / twich / with all their ups and downs before finally arriving here.

we are just getting ready for our first test sessions on here and hopefully will be be an active part of this very interesting project…

cu soon :wink:
ali (a.k.a. scope /

what were you playing back in 82?

Hi All

I’ve been djing since the early 80s, started by playing Northern Soul, progressed through rare groove, hip hop to House. Played at various clubs through the years but don’t play out much now, still like to play in my home studio/club for friends or just knocking out mixes.

Looking forward to seeing some streams and putting one together myself.


Hi Mark, it was mostly hip hop and electro, so scratching and cutting. Still have a little session with that stuff today. What about you?

I was into Northern Soul early 80s mainly but liked Hip Hop/Rare Groove as well but didn’t buy as much, maybe a few street sounds LPs ;).
What do you play now?

Hey y’all. Glad to be here! I’m excited to meet all of the cool people here. Now about me. I used to DJ in the clubs years and years ago and had a blast. Now we’re talking the mid 80’s here folks I started. I love to dance and skate to this day. Wen’t to EDC at the age of 50 and to me, music has no boundry. I’ll spin almost anything. Funk, soul, R&B, house, bass music, trance and ALL their sub-genre’s. At the age of 55, soon to be 56 I want to learn how to scratch with these Rane’s! I can’t wait to spin live again. Better yet, I would love help get this site get into overdrive by helping in any way I can! I just joined here tonight after asking on Reddit "What replaces Mixify, Mixlr and Chew? I discoverd Chew was gone just days ago. I didn’t get an aswer on Reddit but after a few hours I stumbled upon this site. So the Reddit users are anxiously waiting my thoughts. I had a reply of Twitch while I was typing this and we all know that’s not the place to go. I’ve only been logged on here for an hour or so but I’m so pumped about this site. Anyway I can help let me know. Proof reading to English or whaterver, I’m here for the long haul! Peace and love my friends!!!


Hi Wizky, welcome fellow old timer the over 50s still rockin it!

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Got my hardware sorted. Will resume testing over the next week YEEHAH

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