How To Use the Crowd Control Tools

Slipmat events have simple but effective tools for moderating the discussion.

You’ll find the controls from the user profile modal. You can open this modal by

  • clicking the users username in the chat
  • clicking the user avatar in the listeners-tab under the video
  • clicking the user in the user list

The event host and all Sheriffs have the crowd control tools:

How you should use crowd controls

  • Give sheriff rights (ops) to at least 3-5 regular listeners that you trust. The more listeners you have, the more sheriffs you should also have. Optimally there would be at least 1-2 active sheriffs in your chat at any given time.
  • Explain your rules so your ops and chatters know what and what not to do.

Note that giving ops to everyone is a bad idea as it effectively disables any affect the tools have. These tools are not meant to show appreciation but to make the chat discussions civil and positive.

How the sheriff logic works

Sheriff functionality is heavily inspired from IRC ops. Sheriffs can mute and op (make someone sheriff) and deop people.

The rules are very simple: sheriffs can mute and op people, and every sheriff has equal sheriff rights. There is only one exception to this rule: the event host cannot be muted or de-opped.

Sheriffs are tied to the artist not the event. So any sheriff rights you have given are automatically carried to future events.

Mutes are tied to event. Any user you mute is muted in that event only. (This has worked well so far but please open a discussion if you feel that having more permanent muting/blocking capability would be helpful.)

Example rules

Here’s a one example of event chat rules that you can use as is or modify to your needs:

“This event chat should be civil and conform Slipmat Code of Conduct ( ) and Community Diversity Statement ( ). The chat should also be in positive spirit. Any person who does not follow these rules or is affecting negatively in the general mood of the discussion will be given one warning from the sheriffs and if they still don’t comply they will be muted.”

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