Help Wanted: design a Slipmat Festival poster!

Do we have any graphically talented people who would like to help in designing a poster for the very first Slipmat Festival?

Since the very early days of Slipmat, almost 4 years ago we have promoted a “soon” to be released feature called “Festival Planner” which is a tool for creating virtual festivals. This promise has won more waporware awards than Duke Nukem Forever. However, even at the risk of winning yet another of those, I’m now actually somewhat certain that this feature will see the light of day in near future. (Less than 10 years.)

It would be awesome if someone from the community could help us by designing a portrait A4 (or US Letter if you’re one of those weird imperial people) flyer that we could use as a template for special event photos on a special festival page that would be specifically designed for a cool looking, modern virtual festival.

In addition to the poster, we’d also appreciate any help with designing the festival page itself. Anyone can help with this by posting a link to the coolest festival homepage you’ve ever seen in this topic!

Let’s make this one go to eleven, Slippers! :fire: :fire: :fire:

(SlipmatFyre here we come! :raised_hands: :raised_hands:)


Please look here:


Thanks for the suggestions! But I’m loking for actual human help more than ready-made templates as

1) templates cost money and someone would need to pay for one or more of those, and we haven’t yet gotten even 50% of our server costs covered, and

2) these kind of templates look good as they are because the designer has spent hours on tweaking them. As soon as you pop your own graphics in, it looks exactly like you’ve bought some cheap template and put your own bad photos in.

Lastly, most these kind of pre-made templates assume they are being used for a specific purpose like print. Modifying usually ends up looking horrible so if you want to design a good looking poster for Web promotion and as a Web page, it’s a whole different game :slight_smile:

Making something look really kick-ass good is not easy, it takes lots of skills and effort. I lack the skills, that’s why it would be great to find some help from the community :slight_smile:

(No worries though. Plan B is to use the old and tried DIY-method which works, albeit everything looks butt-ugly. But we work with what we have!)


I’m happy to have a go at this unless there’s someone better qualified out there willing to contribute. I don’t have a huge amount of experience in this area but I have a good eye and am willing to try if there are no other takers, so just let me know. Ben

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You are hired @benz66! Thanks for helping out! :slight_smile:

Message me here or on Discord, whatever you prefer and let’s get started :+1:

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I do graphics Uninen, Shoot me info if you like. I can even provide samples of my past work


Hi @uninen @Rose_City_DL

Perhaps @Rose_City_DL would be better placed to complete this as I’m no expert and have just returned from Easter Break to a mountain of work? Please let me know.

Kind regards,

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No probs @benz66, Rose or someone else can help then.


hi, i can help you if you want, i do a lot on the pass for mixify events, i post a sample from years ago

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