Crew needed for first ever Slipmat Festival!

I want to make this Slipmat Festival thing happen, but I also want to share some the tasks to be able to learn what kind of difficulties there are when doing everything manually (to get some insight based on actual practical knowledge for the festival planner).

The main things for virtual event organization are pretty much:

  • Figuring out the roster
  • Promotion (event pictures, social media postings, ready-made text/tags etc for artists to use)
  • Figuring out the timetable (multiple timezones, managing changes, last-minute emergencies)
  • Setting up the events
  • Handling promotion and fires during the events (probably across multiple timezones)
  • Aftermarketing (collecting recordings, track lists, social media posts)

I’d say this needs at least 3 persons. So, looking for following positions:

Artist Managers: @MrGoolsby & @DrBones

  • A person who is the main contact for all artists, filters info from artists to the organizers and from organizers to artists
  • Makes sure every artist has their promo material, event details, timetable, settings etc in order
  • Figures out the timetable together with the lead organizer
  • Should be able to communicate efficiently on many channels/medias

Promoter: @piddonkadonk

  • Is responsible for all promotion materials and actual promotion
  • Works with the lead organizer to make and schedule the promotions
  • Should have a good communication skills and a good handle on at least Twitter and Facebook

Lead organizer: @Uninen

  • The person who takes the final responsibility for getting everything together
  • Builds the timetable together with the Artist Manager
  • Basically eventually handles all possible shit, everything constantly on fire

I don’t really want to but I think i should take the lead organizing role again just to learn what are the pain points and what kind of tools would help. So, if we are going to do this, I need at least two persons to volunteer to help me. Will not even think about doing this by myself so if there are no volunteers, there will be no festival either.

If you are interested helping out, please leave your public application below! (Btw. we can obviously split any tasks like we see fit and organize in a way that makes sense. Stuff above is just a rough idea.) Also, if you would like to help in some other way, or you think something important is missing, feel free to comment as well! :slight_smile:


@uninen I would like to volunteer as an organizer for artist here in East Asai (i.e. China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea.)


Happy to help with Artists in Europe.

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@MrGoolsby and @DrBones, you’re both hired! :+1:

I was actually thinking about splitting some of the same tasks to multiple people, this will be a good test for that as well.

Now we only need a promoter (or promoters) to handle the marketing and we’re all set! :slight_smile:



Guys - I hate doing this as it always feels super vain, but I’ve spent the entirety of my career actually focusing on all of these aspects. I jumped the gun and tried to add you as friend and message you.I’ve produced some of the larger scale music festivals and was an agent and manager for 15 years, partnering with some colleagues, but focused heavily now on a few insanely enjoyable other projects (top secret, ha) and I consult for indie festivals, help industry folk looking for answers on how to get their foot in the door, and artists on how to develop their careers in ways that feel comfortable to them - have done that with over 400 artists now. One my obsessions is with with brand identity, consistency in that and the narrative as well marketing and creating new revenue streams.

I cringe sending these braggadocio links out, but you can view my bio and some press below, but here are some artists that I played a part in developing a well as festivals:

Electric Forest, Rothbury, Bass Center, BassLights, BASSNECTAR, Lotus, Beats Antique, Keys N Krates, KYGO, Thomas Jack, Black Tiger Sex Machine, ILLENIUM, Paper Diamond, Break Science, The Soul Rebels, Hieroglyphics, Del the Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Zion I, Gift of Gab, Blackalicious, Amp Live, The New Mastersounds, The Coup, Stanton Moore, Adam Deitch, Crywolf, Dabin, Hilltop Hoods, Liquid Stranger, MOBB DEEP, Lyrics Born, The Pharcyde, Moon Hooch, Pnuma Trio, PHAM, Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation, Thundercat, and Twiddle.

PRELUDE PRESS: Powered Up: Inside EDM Agent Jake Schneider’s Tech-Savvy Mind:


I’m not sure if you are qualified enough but I think we can cut you in this time.

You’re hired @piddonkadonk! :slight_smile:

Thank You everyone for helping out! :heart: Now, let’s get this thing going – I’ll contact you next privately and we’ll figure out what to do next :+1:


Really excited to be involved in this. :+1:

Not sure how I can be used, but would certainly love to play a slot on this? Most of you have heard me by now and can think of how it would fit (uplifting).

Glad to help however I can!


Would love to play some psytrance if there’s any open slots :slight_smile:

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I’m down lets make it happen


I’m Down with this in USA


Is the festival all done

Yes, the festival was in April :slight_smile:

…but we’re planning for a new one, more on that as soon as we get something concrete to announce! :+1:

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