Fixed: Problem with ingest server and stream key

I get new ones and they didn’t work? Can you check those?


Please see Setting Up Frankie - the Slipmat Native Video Encoder and Configuring Frankie - the Slipmat Native Video Encoder and make sure your settings are 100% correct.

I’ve now added more logging to the server so it’s easier to figure out any problems DJs might have. If you still have the issue after re-checking all settings and the event URL, please post few last characters of your private streaming key so I can search it from the logs (for example: “1d9be8”).

ty i must test too frankie…

Trying out a stream but also get the “could not access” message.
I’ve checked that all the settings match as in the guide.

Thanks for the report! Please try again now, I think I found – and fixed – the bug :slight_smile: