Banning Chat Users

I searched the Knowledge Base, but I’m afraid I did not find an answer to this question. Is it possible to ban a user from a chat that you are hosting, or from a chat for which you have been appointed a Sheriff? I know how to mute a user, but I have a bit of a stalker problem I’d like to solve if I can. Thank you! :slight_smile:

This has been requested before (feature request: In Backlog: Add /ignore functionality to chat (Issue #172) ) but it’s not been implemented yet as the chat has evolved a lot and we haven’t had much issues with the community so far.

We do have an official Code of Conduct policy, and with that a formal process of evaluating incidents case by case basis. Usually the first response is to give the offending user a written warning, but if that doesn’t help, we can also ban users from the site permanently. If the situation is serious we can and will of course help law enforcement with chat logs and other evidence if needed as well.

We’re few weeks/months away from getting rid of the old live page, and after that we have an opportunity to implement more chat commands as well. In the mean time, I suggest you use the mute functionality and if needed, email and we’ll handle the issue for you.

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I forgot to add that here on Backstage you can actually ignore and mute people as well. Just head to your profile preferences and find the controls under the Notifications -> Users-tab. Unfortunately Backstage preferences only affect things going on here at Backstage, they will have no effect on the main site.

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Excellent! Thank you as always!

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