In Backlog: Add /ignore functionality to chat (Issue #172)

How about to add /ignore and /unignore options for users who wont receive messages from other user?

If it’s going to hamper future development, don’t sweat it. Not worth the effort for the .0001% of the time that you’d actually need it.

It can protect users from unwanted messages in event chat or from pm spam in the future

Yes, /ignore feature for private messages is a good idea. Please add that as a feature request topic to the #site-development:feature-requests forum! :slight_smile:

Oh sorry 1005 - my reply was to Uninen - not you. What you’re asking for is actually something I asked for back in the first Q&A.

Sorry, kingsc, didnt saw it. Then


Lol do I come off too blunt? I didn’t mean that as, “Hey, I asked for that first!” - feel free to add it yourself! :slight_smile:

Sorry I come from a military background, so sometimes I come off as being short/abrasive when I’m really not trying to be.

Well done, added, Some other ideas more?