Anyone else having trouble?

The invitation algorithm or whatever doesn’t seem like it’s working correctly. :eyes:

It has a [?] next to the Time Zone requirements as if I never filled it in. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Does it have anything to do with the region I’m from? And what’s the orange [?] about where it says “Karma”? Please help because this is all very confusing and the instructions weren’t exactly crystal…:thinking:

First, your Backstage user settings are different from your listener profile. Backstage is our user forum, You’ll find your listener profile from the main site.

The question marks are meant to catch your eye to take extra care in those details as a computer cannot verify them for you.

Karma is explained in detain on the invite status page FAQ, cannot get much clearer than that.

We now offer commercial support as well if you have problems understanding the documentation.

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I dunno, I tried. I understand the karma thing but I think it doesn’t recognize the timezone [USA/Eastern] if that’s even a thing. :man_shrugging:t5:


I get this whole thing is in the beta and a lil rough round the edges but I gotta be honest it feels like a chore in its current state. Great concept but I’m gonna fold for now. If it becomes a paid service engine eventually with the complications removed for a more streamlined setup process, I’ll gladly pay for it! :pray::moneybag:

Good luck with the platform! :100::sunglasses:

Starting from the very first email we send, it says that in beta it’s very important to read our documentation. We now offer DJ mentors and commercial support as well, but you clearly didn’t read even the first sentence in my last reply:

About the invitation status page, if it’s not red it’s OK from the computer POV. Humans need to do the rest (ie. verify that if your DJ name is Humppadump, your listener profile doesn’t have contain any mentions of Humppadump, and to check that things like your timezone is close to where you actually live, that’s why there are visual cues on the status page).

I understand that whatever I document very few will actually read, but still, for those few;

Most sites take compromises in designing everything to the masses. Slipmat is designed for a very specific purpose and will stay that way in the future as well. This is also repeated many times in the docs, but the reason we want to keep a tight control with the DJs is twofold;

firstly, if we just open up the site and let everyone run amok, we will absolutely drown in support requests (which everyone expects to get immediately and for free because they didn’t read or understand that we are a community driven operation where no one actually gets any money, we do this for love of the community) as new DJs struggle to understand the basic concepts. In contrast, if we demand that our new users have a basic understanding of the site (ie. a small amount of Karma), they understand basic things like that Backstage is not the same as the main site and that DJs have two profiles etc.

secondly, DJs are the ones our listeners look up to so when they bring their audence to the site, it’s important that they show a good example on how to behave and that they also can teach their listeners. We’re a small community and nurturing it takes time and effort, it doesn’t happen by accident.

Slipmat3 will hopefully be closer to that but it still will have Backstage, and on the main site listeners and artist still have separate profiles. You might want to look for something that is designed to work for the masses instead, like Twitch or Facebook.

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