6+ years of internet dj streams, looking to switch platform

Hey there :slight_smile:

As topic, we’ve up until now been using a service that only allows an audio stream. We were looking into chew, but had major technical issues with them. It turns out it’s closing down anyways, now we are looking for a new home here.

So, would love to gain access to the beta <3



We are not interested in using youtube’s streaming service, and Chew is being closed down. That leaves us with the native alpha stream, which we don’t have access to. Is it possible to be allowed in?

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Hi Chemic!

Happy that You found Slipmat! We’re currently in process of opening up the native streamer in beta but we still need more testing and active DJs. You found the topic for alpha testers and completed all asked tasks so You’re now in the tester group - welcome! :slight_smile:

The more testing and testers we get, the faster we can open up the platform and move with the development in general so all help is very welcome!


Thank you very much. Looking forward to exploring these options and getting the rest of our team familiarized with the platform!

Welcome, Chemic!

I have been using Chew for a year and change without trouble. But I did notice the banners on their page that they were switching to BandLab, and today I got an email they are shutting down in two weeks. BandLab’s streaming service is pretty lousy compared to Chew.

For some collaboration events I have done 4-way streams on Picarto, but for some of the features Chew gave for free you have to pay for on Picarto.

Twitch and Mixer now prohibit live DJ streams. I’ve done a few Youtube streams but in trying to be everything for everyone it just ends up a too-complex mess and their copyright bots break everything anyway even when I’m playing music I wrote myself (thank Roland for copyrighting the factory sounds in their keyboards).

I found slipmat.io today while seeing what alternative streaming services are out there.

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@Valrejn Your DJ invite has been approved now. When you need help for set things up write to us. :wink:

Woah when did that happen! I had been using Twitch for some time. I left because there never was people who searched for music sets on Twitch. Never really got into trouble for streaming and uploading by them but they do incorporate a system which just plain mutes out most music recordings, that happened a lot. Never used or heard of Mix.

Youtube yeah people do search for music there, but in order to livestream they want an arm and a leg, the community is TERRIBLE, and the copyright trolls will take your sets down even though a live mix is not distribution of a product in the slightest, and rarely is it ever Profit.

I remember hearing about a lot of this, especially after universal bought soundcloud.

I think it’s changed since I first signed up. See https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/community-guidelines/music

Here are some example types of music content you may not use in Twitch streams or VODs:

  • DJ Set – Playing and/or mixing pre-recorded music tracks which incorporate music, other than music which is owned by you or music which is licensed for you to share on Twitch.
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I’m hoping to get in too. This site looks more DJ friendly.


Hello uninen,

I was a beta/apha tester for chew.tv and worked with the original team through slack.
I would love to contribute to your project. We are a DJ collective from Toronto, and have produced over 1000 shows on chew in the past. From what I read so far you guys are creating something much cooler and we would love to contribute and support you guys in this project.


We are a broadcast out of Detroit who have been on the air for 10 years (through various streaming platforms), and after Chew’s closing are looking to switch platforms as well. Slipmat seems very promising. Glad to see an active community here. :slight_smile:


Fellow Michiganders! <3


Hello all, just in the door here on Slipmat backstage, I’m Pablo and I run (with my partners) a 24 Hr video/radio station from Dublin, Ireland called Phever playing underground dance music of many genres. We’d been on Chew for the past 3 years in a 24 hour format and now are in limbo for a decent platform. We’re using a Vimeo paid subscription but it’s quite expensive and limited in it’s functionality, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how Slipmat grows and we’re delighted to be in at the early stages. Great to see so many like minded individuals, can’t wait to get started.
all the best, Pablo.


Welcome newcomers! \o/

There have been lots of introductions here, so I’ve created an official introduction topic so everyone can join in there also! :slight_smile:

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