YouTube blocking/stopping video stream mid-set

There was mention on Facebook from Patrick (DJ Psycotik) about sets being stopped mid-set. I will say that mine have been stopped probably 2/10 times, but I just restart the stream from OBS and it fixed the issue both times.

I’ve streamed over 150 live streams on YouTube, most of them longer than 2 hours. I mostly play music from the 90s but I also play new and very commercial music, but I’ve yet to experience a single case where the stream has stopped mid-set.

I’m located in Finland (if location has any affect) and I do get the copyright emails ( FAQ: Why do I get copyright emails from YouTube? ) after the set ends if I forget to delete the video. I can get anywhere from 0 to 100 copyright emails, depending on the tracks and their count. And like explained in the linked topic, the emails are pointless and don’t affect anything.

It didn’t happen to me yet … but i saw the post and that’s why i put it in slipmat VIP … I am looking on forums now … and seems to happen regularly with other users too (youtube only)

Hmmm maybe it’s a U.S. thing? Or just bad luck? :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a friend over here in Belgium that had 3x stops in a live stream and his live streaming privilegdes were removed after the third strike.
But that is about 2 years ago. Can’t tell for now, I have only streamed once live using youtube/Slipmat.

For what concerns copyright infingements on uploaded video I have them all the time.
Some just report, some block in specifc countries (depending on the rightfull owner region), sometimes it’s blocked globaly.
Sometimes its muted.
It really depends on the music (label/major) you play.
In my experiance the more commercial you go, the more you will get noticed.
Deep House and House are problematic for me, never had a Tech House or Techno track reported.

I have not had a problem

I think it’s a total YouTube thing… I think the other day mine was shut down before I even started playing music… so who knows.

Youtube seems to cut off streams after 4-6 hours, either using personal youtube account or slipmat’s youtube keys.
There is nothing that can be done to youtube but one easy solution would be possibility to access dj-admin page during ongoing event.
That way if youtube starts to warn about “content issues detected” one could create new event and transfer listeners directly to it.
Now you must end ongoing event, create new one and hope that listeners find back through slipmat’s frontpage.

You can of course change video-id during event, but then there is some waiting time due content-issue cutdown before youtube lets you start new stream.
I have been swapping between personal and slipmat’s youtube keys…
Maybe one possibility is using 2 personal youtube accounts and alter between them.

There’s absolutely no difference between creating a new Slipmat event (with a different YT video) and changing YT video id. You can change any video ID as yous stream ID mid set, this is exactly why the feature is there, to allow you to change video sources mid set.

We’re currently negotiating better content licences for accounts, which would allow pre-approved content, ie. no licence issues for the DJs at all, but this process seems to be somewhat slow and cumbersome.

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